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  1. Fi23 Mods

    I got my 19' Fi25 about a month ago. It was a demo with 130 hours on it. I'm not sure if someone moded it or factory changed how they set them up but I can hit my stereo button and power up amps and head unit without the key being on. Shut the boat off and the stereo still has power. What I would like to do is add a push button start to power the screen and start the engine and install a separate stop button to kill the motor but leave the screen powered. Can this be done and does anyone know the wiring required? I don't like that I will be filling ballast and get to a spot that I want to shut the motor off but continue to fill while I get boards and vest ready. I currently have to shut off the boat then turn the key back on, acknowledge the start up screen and reselect my profile.
  2. Fi23 Mods

    Great mods!! Where did you find the push button ignition switch?
  3. I just saw this. I'll try to remember to take a pic next time I'm out. I did one plug on the motor on the belt side up high port side (I know that not much help but the pic will help). I do remember it was hard to get the plug out. I had to use heat. The other side I did a little different. I installed a T just past the top of the V drive, before the water pump. I used quick connects so I can unhook and blow out in the winter. I can also snap a water hose on to run put of the water. I installed ball valves on both sides so I can turn off and it also helps to run one half open. This keeps it warm at idle speeds.
  4. I have had good luck with MaryKate water proofer. I was like described above, let dry and spread out. I use a pump sprayer (were or bug sprayer) much easier and faster than a spray bottle. http://www.boatersland.com/marykate-mk63128-fabric-waterproofer-gallon.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwxN_XBRCFARIsAIufy1bgJLGBKVB-zfuCpGqWfkTFux2vcxmZeZFEtc9z2VIUTBX-UtgL0WsaAqewEALw_wcB
  5. Silly Question

    Clean the debris away and the hole should be threaded. This is where my 05 Enzo has a drain and a t handle plug.
  6. My Perfect Pass in my 05' SV230 is acting up. The display comes on but I do not get a speed reading on PP or analog gauge. I checked the paddle wheel and all is good. After a an hour or so I start to get speed readings again. Go out the next day and same thing. RPM always works. My question is does the depth and water temp also come from PP? I thought it did but today I pulled the wire that comes from the paddle wheel and the depth/water temp did not change. I pulled the display wire from P.O. and the depth/water temp did not change. My depth and water temp are displayed on a Faria gauge. I've looked all over and can not find anything in the bottom of the hull for depth. So does anyone know where the older Centurions got the input for depth and water temp?
  7. And so it begins!!!

    Great color. I didn't know it was discontinued, I'm hoping to be in a position next year to buy and love that blue. Is there a chance you are one of these guys that gets a new boat every year and I can buy yours? Lol
  8. I have a 05 sv230 Enzo, basically the same boat. I only run regular wave. My set up is: 1100lb in port locker, 750 under port bench, speed around 11.2. I just made a suck gate and started with the same set up and add about 200lbs to starboard side. The 1100 and 750 acts like an Enzo back just separate. When you take the port bench off I cut all the fiberglass out so it is all open, removed the hard tank and added the 750 (does not completely fill but close). This makes for good storage when bag is not full. On starboard I cut out the fiberglass under the seat and removed the hard tank and added a 400lb bag (again does not completely fill). I added manual ball valve so I can switch the feed from the starboard pump and make it till the 1100 I also added jobsco pump to fill drain the 1100. So two pumps fill the 1100. I then ran the vent/overflow from the 1100 to the 750 port. The 750 fills with the oem port pump and then when the 1100 fills fast it overflows and helps fill the 750. I ran the overflow from the port 750 to the starboard and starboard to port. I had to drill 1 hole on port side in the row of vent/drains to add a drain for the 750 port, 1100 port drains with oem drain and jobsco, and starboard drains with oem drain. I also had to drill a 1" hole in the bottom for the jobsco and add a couple of switches to run new pump. Everyrhing fills in under 15min. Even with the suck gate I still like to mostly list and just weight the other side enough to get the gate in the water. Not sure if this helps?
  9. My understanding is a boat over 20' the capacity plate is not required and if it is in place it is just the manufacturers recommendation but not the law. I may be wrong. 12-14 might be tight but it might also be tough to step up to a 24'.
  10. I should have done it years ago. It was just funny timing with the cross of our posts.
  11. Nick, I was 1 min too late or you were 1 min to early with your post. Lol
  12. Just became a supporting member (long over due) and now I can choose to upload pics.
  13. I got out last weekend. Atlanta Supercross this coming weekend! I don't know how to post pics so you'll just have to believe me.
  14. Purchasing an FI 23

    When you first posted the pics of the boat on the trailer I really did not like the purple but I have to say the boat in the water looks beautiful! Congratulations!
  15. FS vs SV

    I know he tried hard to buy from them but had the same experience. They would not budge. Thing with my neighbor (unlike me) is he is paying cash. It is there loss. He has money but like most wealthy people he knows it's important to save a buck. I bought my 05 Centurion used. I lived in PA at the time and picked the boat up in Florida. 32 hours to get a boat but it was well worth the trip. I'm disappointed that the dealers can get away with giving people a hard time about service. If I drop $100k on a boat and the dealer gives me a hard time I will be calling Fineline and raising hell. I live on Lake Wylie by the way.

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