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  1. Walker Project Signature

    Think I rode one or maybe both of these when we were at the gathering last September. Cannot remember for sure. Liked whatever I rode. I want to work on spins, so I want something that is "spinny." I am 5'5" and about 175 lbs if that helps.
  2. Definitely interested in being one of the 14. I think an original cylon centurion helmet gif would be a great graphic, or maybe a JR Bob Dobbs head. Or just make it all black, except with an "11" on it. That way, not only will it be like, "how much more black can it get?" "None... none more black," and also go to "11" at the same time, for when you need that little extra to take you over the cliff.
  3. Well... I knew you were going to make me have to pick between this and the TX Fly-in hydrofoiling weekend. Decisions... decisions... Will try to decide as soon as possible. On the bright side, this will be the first year in many that my annual boating weekend does not fall on my wedding anniversary!
  4. Ideally not the same date as the TX Fly-in foiling event up north, which is always the second weekend after labor day, but I think that is when you normally hold your event. Hate to have to pick just one!
  5. And here is the twin brother standing next to its new step-brother that someone so callously traded for something shiny. Seriously though, thank you Ken and Andrea for putting together a great event. This was my first CCC meet-up, and I am really glad I could make it. Everyone was very friendly, gracious, and patient. I never felt like my newby riding (and more importantly my newby falls) were ever grating on anyone. Everyone really went out of their way to make me feel welcome, and I learned some great tips. I left a better rider than I came. My only regret is not being able to make it until Saturday. Thanks again Ken and Andrea and everyone who came and helped make it a great time.
  6. Okay, I am officially coming, just got my room. However, I will not be there until 10:30 - 11 ish am on Saturday. I fear that you will all be out riding when I arrive. Is there a cell I can call when I arrive to hopefully get someone to come back and pick me up?
  7. Unless we get rained out, I am planning on coming (probably arriving Friday evening late), but I will be without my new Centurion, as it in Dallas getting its 20 hour initial service and some warranty work and option installs.
  8. Is it always at this spot every year? I am in Austin, so not that far at all. However, I may be in Hawaii during the event this year (or might just be getting back). Would love to bring my foil and surfboard and swing it this year if possible.
  9. CenturionChexi

    My first Centurion

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