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  1. New Fi25

    Tower is ugly. Hopefully it is at least taller. Boat looks ugly too. fI23 looks way better. Maybe it was the gel design, but it looked too square. Tower is not helping. Speaker pods... ugly. As an owner of downfires, Centurion should just go back to ws rev10s.
  2. Video the problem next time it happens and show that to your dealer. I had a hell of time with a problem that would not show itself at the dealer. Video recorded it on the lake, emailed to dealer, and dealer mechanic said, "looke like you are getting dc voltage ou tof the distributor. Change it." Did, and it worked. This was after trying to chase the problem myself for months and taking it to another dealer who could not recreate the problem, do could not diagnose it. This was on 351 gt40 super air nautique, but the principle is the same. Video the problem.
  3. Purchasing an FI 23

    Travis, will you be on lake austin, travis, or anither lake (home lake)?
  4. Fi23 Review

    Harold, after you get your new fi23 and have a while to test it out, please let me know how it compares to an SV233 (assuming you have spent a decent amount of time on an SV233). If not, then I guess you can't. I really like my SV233, as it can put out a very good surf wave and a good wakeboard/foil wake with CATS. However, I do find the wakeboard/foil wake a bit finicky. Also, more storage is always better, but if the wake/wave is not markedly better and more consistent, I probably cannot justify the upgrade. Thanks. Scott
  5. Purchasing an FI 23

    Saw your boat today at skidock. Considering one myself (have an sv233). Please post your impressions. I hydrofoil 50% of the time and surf the rest, so wakeboard wake is important to me. Thanks. scott
  6. If it is just one day, you can run the boat and warm the engine up. It will stay warm for a day. -5 below freezing is nothing. If you have a heater though, that might not hold the heat in as well as the engine. If you use the 100 watt bulb thing, be sure your drop bulb is a metal cage and not plastic. a 100 watt bulb will melt a plastic one (and anything it touches like a divider). Don't ask me how I know.
  7. FI 21 Video

    Downfire is fine for in boat and surfing. Way weak for wakeboarding or foiling. Swapping out the amp for a ws syn 4 in bridge mode helped, but still pales in comparison to rev 10s.
  8. FI 21 Video

    Nice looking boat in the video for sure. However, the surf wave looks worse than my SV233, and the wakeboard wave no better. Video can be deceiving, but that surf wave is not remotely clean and not really monstrously big either. I do wish Centurion would drop the Roswell speakers and go back to Wetsounds. The difference really is material.
  9. I took my 2015 SV233 to a hydrofoiling fly-in last weekend and received a lot of complements on the wake (running 20 - 26 mph). With CATS, I was able to get a pretty clean wake on both sides, and the riders really like the size, shape, and amount of pop for foiling. This is with no ballast, or in one case with 1 PNP at 30% to even out the wake. That was great feedback. My only issue is that I had to play with CATS a ton to keep a clean wake on both sides (even for the same rider at the same speed). Every time a rider would fall and we would have to restart, there was a good chance that I would need to make a CATS adjustment after getting the rider back up. Also, sometimes I would have to clean up the port wake, sometimes the starboard. People were not really moving around. I have a sneaking suspicion that my ramfill gates are letting water in when closed. I have the Valterra Valves. Do other people with ramfill and this hull have to adjust CATS this frequently, or does this sound like a valve issue? Another thing I noticed is that if I start off not straight and then correct, the boat will start with a list and stay on a list (even without being weighted to list). I suspect that this is either (a) the deep V hull leaning over or (b) same problem as above just compounded by starting off leaning. Thoughts?

    Looks a lot like mine, but black on the nose instead of charcoal metal flake, and different tower speakers. Funny, I had been wishing for this exact color scheme after buying mine (or perhaps charcoal, not metal flake), but after seeing these pictures, I am now happier with mine. Nevertheless, a very good deal.
  11. Fi23 first impressions

    That instagram link did not floor me. I am confident that the wave can be better. I have seen waves that good or better on sv230/240 and sv233/244s. Always tricky on video/pics, but that wave looked fairly ordinary.
  12. How do you like my wave?

    I do not use my QS-pro much, but it really is not an expensive upgrade (and in my case, I got them to add it for free). I do use it a bit from time to time, but do not really need it. My wife prefers to use it when driving the boat than to listed, at least if there is a lot of boat traffic, and it certainly creates ridable waves (better than the best I could get out of my old classic super air nautique), but l agree that listed is better than QS-pro. Now, listed versus suck-gate, that one is up for debate (although on this hull, you probably still want a bit of list even with a suck gate). My experience is that using a suck gate (in my case the Mission Delta) creates a wave with too much push (at least regular). I still need to play with it more, add bow weight and increase speed in order to really assess it, but the couple of times I used it I had to basically put 100% of my weight on my back foot the entire time in order to not crash into the back of the boat. I am sure that this could be dialed in. One thing is for sure. The wave is pretty massive with a weighted SV233 and a suck gate.
  13. How do you like my wave?

    Yes, and no. I have a 2015 SV233 with quicksurf pro and would agree that listing makes for a better wave. I may add a little quicksurf pro tab as well (say like 15 - 20%) on the off-side, but I am still listed. Using a straight quicksurf pro setup with exactly even weighting will not give you the best surf wave in my opinion. To the OP, what you get with an SV233 of that vintage is an incredibly tweakable wave. There are so many things you can manipulate (weight, CATS, Trim, Quicksurf Pro). However, assuming standard rotation prop, your regular side wave will be better, and the only thing you can do to get as good of a goofy side wave is to use a suck gate. That is not to say that you cannot get a good goofy side wave, because you can, but without a suck gate slapped on the side, it will not be as epic as the regular side. Also, if you are looking for a boat that can, with the push of a button, switch from regular to goofy with both waves being equally epic, the SV233 is not that boat. You can do a 1 button switch and go from a very good regular side to a rideable, but washy, goofy side, but to really clean up the goofy side would require more adjustments. You can do it by saving a profile (so two button presses, one for changing quicksurf and the second to change profiles), but it will take a little time to adjust, and some weight change will be necessary (at least it has been in my experience). If you want to bounce back and forth from regular to goofy and back, etc. while riding, there are better options. However, if you just want a boat that is fast to change for different riders, the SV233 is a very good choice. Changing things is very quick . For reference, my two sports are foiling and surfing. Foiling I use no ballast, just a bit of CATS to clean up the wake on both sides. Surfing I use quite a bit ballast, and we have regular and goofy riders. No one is complaining about the very small amount of time to change the setup (and I have no problem switching from foiling to surfing, back to foiling, back to surfing, etc.). Even going from completely listed on one side to the other takes maybe 5 minutes (half of which you can get done while the one rider is getting into the boat and drying off), and there are better setups than that that take a lot less time to switch sides (see CO Surfer's description above). This assumes that you are not running an extra sac on the seats or floor, which you do not need.
  14. I have used these other guys a few times and been very happy. http://shop.domednumbers.com/products/centurion-registration
  15. Is it a marine alternator that is ignition protected?

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