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  1. Yes, just swap the little jumper wires on the stereo switch. One of the first things we did.
  2. We have Straight line Sumo bags and used their 1" NPT quick flow fittings that connected directly to the stock flowrite fittings. I imagine Ronix has a similar setup. It literally takes 5 mins to wrap Teflon tape on the fittings, thread them in the bags, and replace the stock ones.
  3. Just the quick fittings. 4 of them. They screw right into the bag with some Teflon tape on the threads. If you are buying 850s May as well spend a few extra dollars and just go 1000s. I actually prefer the 1000s. You should reinforce the dividing panel a little, and we are the cup holders in with hose clamps.
  4. ACME 1617

    Thinking of a spare Prop on our S238 as Wakemakers is running a sale. We currently have an ACME 1939 with the PCM343. Boat between 370' to 1000' Elevation. It runs between 3200 - 3500 RPM. Running upwards of 4000+ lbs Ballast. 90% Surf, 10% Wakeboard. We run a few long lakes, so need to have some speed to get back to the launch reasonably. Would anyone recommend a 1433 or 1847 as the spare? And which over the other?
  5. Thank you both. We always turn it 'Off' when put away. Try to plug it in and ensure a full charge after each outing. Doesn't happen every time, but often enough. My family was all on the boat during the orientation, we all heard run it from 'Combine', and I questioned it. Our old boat had the 1 or 2 / or 1+2 Perko and we knew exactly how to run that. Thanks again.
  6. Bringing this one back from the depths of the sea. Our 238 came with the factory 2 battery, BlueSea Off-On-Combine Switch, BlueSea ACR and Powermania Turbo charger. Our dealer had told us to always place it in Combine. Doing research yesterday for adding our 2nd amp, it looks like we should only be using the 'ON' position for the switch. 'Combine' will be for emergency start only, as the ACR handles all other charging during operation and floating? PRV321's reply above seems to follow the theory. Others say 'Combine' always.
  7. help

    What Brand of lead are they stocking? Pop or WakeBallast?
  8. help

    We're derailing the thread. We're super close to Alouette, so this is our home lake. We hit Pitt and Cultus once in awhile, and spend time on Osoyoos as well. Did you grab your S238 from Extreme?
  9. help

    We have a 2016. I think these were our settings last summer. Sumo Sac 850's full, Quick Fill Full, Center tank Full, and maybe some Bow bag weight depending on passengers and seating. We also run 335 lbs of lead. 80lbs at the rear of each locker, 25 lbs at the front of each locker, 50 lbs under Port Seat, 75 lbs under Starboard seat. Quicksurf all the way down, Trim tab 20 - 50% depending on surf side. Speed 11 to 11.4. Bleed a little off the non surf side quick-fill to clean the wave. Full fuel when we start, and on most outings just 2 adults, and 2 teen boys. So 3 of us on the boat during a surf session. We have plenty of push. Each rear quick fill tank should be 500lbs, center tank 350 lbs. Front bow bag 500 lbs.
  10. CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    Can a SupremeCrew cover be added into the deal?
  11. Thank you for the honest feedback DarksideR. Maybe I should see Tony, and grab some measurements on an Fi or RI and see if I could make my own Silencer. Just purchase the rubber tubing and clamps then fabricate a Stainless or Aluminum plate with a tapered thru pipe. Can't wait to get the boat out of storage.
  12. Thank you for the speedy reply. I think I will try and order a setup if they aren't too outrageous.
  13. h20king, now that you have your Fi in hand, do you think the Silent Stinger would have been a direct bolt on to your S238? Will the shape of the Silent Stinger with the additional wings and small turndowns affect the wave, or offer improvement? My assumption is you need to ensure the Lenco Ram ears are located at the same point on the Silent Stinger to keep the plate travel the same, then the new Stainless Band clamps for the rubber outlet hose will clamp on the existing Exhaust hull Outlet. The hinge shape and bolt pattern seems the same, but I am judging all this from photos.
  14. All FAE provided pics with a Stinger. Don't wan't to drop Canadian pesos if it will spray and wreck the wave. Some action video from above and behind would be ideal.
  15. They sent me 2 other pics from the same angle. They just show the stinger in different positions. I can post them later.

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