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  1. Here are a few more pics of details I grabbed on the 2017 S238. No center windshield, or bimini.
  2. That is what I thought about those covers. I have seen a reference to Rev 8's and a 12" sub on another dealers site. Not sure if that is a new factory option for 2017 or dealer upgrade.
  3. Extreme has a BOAT load of pics up on their 2017 S238. Link will die when it is sold. http://extremeboatsports.com/product/boats/2017-supreme-s238/
  4. The 238, 202 and 211 tower have reverted to the old backwards sweep. Wonder how much head clearance there is when boarding from the swim platform down to the bench, and where the Bimini hangs. Not sure about a non wrap windshield. Trailers are different. No lit up Supreme at the rear. A stainless name plate up front. Wonder what cabin and mechanical features, if any, have changed?

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