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  1. The throttle has a small creep right in the cruise range. If we want to hold at 3800 RPM, it will slowly fall to 4000 RPM. I looked into the Teleflex CH2200ENC throttle manual and it mentions a throttle brake, but I can't find the adjustment screw. Do you remove the chrome bezel and handle? I can't match the location they reference in the diagram on page 2, top right corner. http://www.marineengine.com/products/technical_information/CH200ENC_side_mount.pdf
  2. New S238 owner! HELP

    I saw you asking about surf speed. Vary between 11.0 to 11.6 mph in most cases. Adjust the speed for length , height and head winds. We are usually 11.2 to 11.4 mph. RPM sits between 3200 to 3600.
  3. New S238 owner! HELP

    Not sure off hand as we run sumo 1000s. Judging by the size of bag in the locker, and that it isn't quite full, they could be Fly High 1100.
  4. New S238 owner! HELP

    Yes, it is operated by the open/Close switch. Should it fail, you can manually open the valve.
  5. New S238 owner! HELP

    Open fills the tanks, let them sit open for say 2 mins. They will flood full. Close the switch to keep the water in the hard tank. To drain the hard tank, open the switch for about a minute while driving at 10+ mph. Then close the switch. Fill both hard tanks 100 percent, fill both rear POP bags 100 per cent, fill center tank 100 per cent, fill bow bag 50 to 100 per cent. Right or left surf tab all the way down then maybe a few clicks up. Trim tab usually between 50 to 100 percent, but adjust to your boat and crew size. You can also Bleed a few seconds of water from opposite hard tank to clean the wave if needed. You will have 4 pumps. One for center, one for bow, one for each rear PNP bag. If the rear bags are still factory, they are too small, go for 850, 1000 or 1100's. Or/ and add some lead weight bags at the rear transom corners. Change ballast impellers probably once per season. And you may need to stick a rubber cork in your rear POP bag vent hole if they are draining while surfing. Have fun out there.
  6. I posted a similar issue last month on our 2016 S238. A dealer advised to check all fuses, and especially the main fuse there and harness. We also swapped our water/fuel filter out again after 20 hours of use, and changed the FCC filter. We always use premium fuel to reduce ethanol content, and use Stabil during winter storage. ***** Our boat has been reliable, but yesterday threw us for a loop. Wouldn't get fuel and keep running. Initially we thought vapour lock but that wasn't it. Tried the main fuse, batteries off for a reset. No fuel pump prime noise. Eventually find the fuse panel under the engine cover. There we found the 20amp fuel pump fuse blown and burnt. Easy, swap it with a new one. Wrong. I have 6 of every fuse size, but not in mini. Luckily we keep wire, ends and tools onboard and we hobbled together a fix to keep us surfing for the day. Needless to say we now picked up mini and maxi fuses to add to the arsenal. Still at a loss as to why the fuse failed. ******
  7. Yes, just swap the little jumper wires on the stereo switch. One of the first things we did.
  8. We have Straight line Sumo bags and used their 1" NPT quick flow fittings that connected directly to the stock flowrite fittings. I imagine Ronix has a similar setup. It literally takes 5 mins to wrap Teflon tape on the fittings, thread them in the bags, and replace the stock ones.
  9. Just the quick fittings. 4 of them. They screw right into the bag with some Teflon tape on the threads. If you are buying 850s May as well spend a few extra dollars and just go 1000s. I actually prefer the 1000s. You should reinforce the dividing panel a little, and we are the cup holders in with hose clamps.
  10. ACME 1617

    Thinking of a spare Prop on our S238 as Wakemakers is running a sale. We currently have an ACME 1939 with the PCM343. Boat between 370' to 1000' Elevation. It runs between 3200 - 3500 RPM. Running upwards of 4000+ lbs Ballast. 90% Surf, 10% Wakeboard. We run a few long lakes, so need to have some speed to get back to the launch reasonably. Would anyone recommend a 1433 or 1847 as the spare? And which over the other?
  11. Thank you both. We always turn it 'Off' when put away. Try to plug it in and ensure a full charge after each outing. Doesn't happen every time, but often enough. My family was all on the boat during the orientation, we all heard run it from 'Combine', and I questioned it. Our old boat had the 1 or 2 / or 1+2 Perko and we knew exactly how to run that. Thanks again.
  12. Bringing this one back from the depths of the sea. Our 238 came with the factory 2 battery, BlueSea Off-On-Combine Switch, BlueSea ACR and Powermania Turbo charger. Our dealer had told us to always place it in Combine. Doing research yesterday for adding our 2nd amp, it looks like we should only be using the 'ON' position for the switch. 'Combine' will be for emergency start only, as the ACR handles all other charging during operation and floating? PRV321's reply above seems to follow the theory. Others say 'Combine' always.
  13. help

    What Brand of lead are they stocking? Pop or WakeBallast?
  14. help

    We're derailing the thread. We're super close to Alouette, so this is our home lake. We hit Pitt and Cultus once in awhile, and spend time on Osoyoos as well. Did you grab your S238 from Extreme?
  15. help

    We have a 2016. I think these were our settings last summer. Sumo Sac 850's full, Quick Fill Full, Center tank Full, and maybe some Bow bag weight depending on passengers and seating. We also run 335 lbs of lead. 80lbs at the rear of each locker, 25 lbs at the front of each locker, 50 lbs under Port Seat, 75 lbs under Starboard seat. Quicksurf all the way down, Trim tab 20 - 50% depending on surf side. Speed 11 to 11.4. Bleed a little off the non surf side quick-fill to clean the wave. Full fuel when we start, and on most outings just 2 adults, and 2 teen boys. So 3 of us on the boat during a surf session. We have plenty of push. Each rear quick fill tank should be 500lbs, center tank 350 lbs. Front bow bag 500 lbs.

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