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  1. Hi All I created this string to share insights on the 2018 Ri 237 Ballast Setup. I have about 10 hours on my new RI which I upgraded from a ENZO FS44. So far i have had more lick going with everything completely full and running the surf tabs at 65. We run in shallow water (Around 10 feet) and have found this setup to be the best for the shallow water. It would be great to hear any additional configurations you may have. I will happily add them to the list.

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    Absolutely perfect 2015 Centurion Enzo FS44 completely loaded. This boat has everything. 5,050lb factory ballast, CATS, RamFill, and QuickSurf, heated seats, heater, DownFire 1700 Watt factory sound system, bow fill cushion, sea deck flooring and much more. It also has a full warranty through June of 2021. See the full feature list in the images. This boat throws a massive wake and with the Quick Surf system is infinitely adjustable. We are going to upgrade to an RI 237 and I want to sell this directly as opposed to having to do a trade in in which the dealer discounts the boat 10-15% of market. I have reduced the price significantly to attempt to sell it before the end of the season so I can put in the order on the new RI and have it ready for Spring. It is beneficial to me to purchase the boat without a trade in and if you are looking at the FS 44, you may benefit as well as this is the best deal on a fully loaded FS 44 anywhere in the country. If you cant afford an RI but want the same monster wave this is the boat for you. It blows away the G23, the Malibu, Tige', Supra and MasterCraft lines. Thanks for looking. Call me directly at 610-513-2737 (Jason) Thanks


  3. 2015 FS44 - Orange

    Thanks for all the info and below are my findings. I will preface this an overall sentiment of disappointment in Centurion not providing this type of guidance in any form. While it is fantastic that there is such a responsive and supportive user group, centurion should be the first place to go for answers. I tried the following setups on flat river water between 9 and 12 feed deep: Regular Surf Preset: 100% Port Ram Fill 20% starboard Ram Fill PnP Port and starboard 100% Bow 50% Cats 25 Plate 50 Speed 11 Wake was solid and easily adjustable with trim and cats Goofy Surf Preset: 100% Starboard Ram Fill 20% Port Ram Fill PnP Port and starboard 100% Bow 50% Cats 25 Plate 50 Speed 11 This setup was only ok. The wave really did not setup well and there was a ton of wash on the lip. Quick Surf Full on all tanks 10.6-11 Regular side was ok but I had to put in 80% plate to get it cleaned up Goofy I could not get the wake to set up. I tried 10.6-11 all tanks full all tanks full but bow at 50% all tanks full and bow at 0% Ran cats in multiple positions but no impact Plate between 50 and 100 Best result was all full using trim at 90% but I was still getting a sloppy wake
  4. 2015 FS44 - Orange

    Thanks. So fill everything with 20% ram fill non surf. Does that include bow ballast? Also, you mentioned FS boats can handle a lot of counter weight, what are you referring to. Vozalum, thanks for the link
  5. 2015 FS44 - Orange

    Absolutely stunning. Congrats. I hope you don't mind me jumping on the thread to ask a couple questions. I just purchased a 15' FS 44. It's the same setup. 550, plug and play, totally loaded. I'm in Philadelphia and there is not much of a local knowledge base here on how to best set up the ballast for surfing and I thought you may be able to share what works for you. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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