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  1. Fi rumors

  2. Yea the bottom picture was using quick surf and the top picture was listed, from what i could tell the difference was a small difference in push, the lip is much dirtier and and a little loss in height.
  3. We had a demo 2016 Supreme s211 that had hours on it so we figured we would use that and keep the hours off the 17 for now. And also it does have the double edge sword, I just copied and pasted the ones from up above haha didn't notice that. Speed was 10.8
  4. 1. 2016 S211 2. Regular 3. Bow:0 4. QF port: 100% 5. QF starboard: 100% 6. PnP port stock bag: 100% 7. PnP Starboard: 0% 8. Three people about 180 average pounds no extra ballast or lead. 9. Crew was positioned in center to port side of the boat. 10. Both quicksurf tabs were all the way up. 11. Stinger tab was at 50 Very impressed with the 211 and didn't see much info on here for the boat yet. Also water temp 48 air temp 58 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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