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  1. New boats

    I have a 2014 Enzo bought new. My biggest and really my only complaint is customer service. If you need to get any warranty work done it’s a fight. You will have to do a lot of the work to get it done. I have tried two different dealer. Not sure if it’s the dealer by me or fineline.?!?!? I would concern a different brand just on that alone.
  2. Warranty work

    Please tell about the covers?!?!?
  3. Warranty work

    Okay thanks for the advice. We always store the boat indoors. It was out side at the boat shop while getting some maintenance done. I have emailed her. I am hoping they step up.
  4. Warranty work

    Yea I tried to clean it no luck.
  5. Warranty work

    Hey I remembered you talking about your boat having the dimples in the vinyl. Now that I am going over my vinyl I am starting to find said dimples. Is this what your vinyl had? Don't mind the yellow stains, my travel cover bleed all over my vinyl this last week. 😔😪
  6. Warranty work

    Well my troubles continue. I had my boat at the shop to get some work done. We have had a lot of rain the past few weeks. The travel cover bleed all over my vinyl. There are yellowish stains everywhere! Will centurion cover this? I am feeling very disappointed and discouraged. Let's hope they step up.
  7. Warranty work

    Thanks you I have sent Nicole a email. I am hoping to here from her next week.
  8. Fine line customer support

    Does any one have a email for Nicole?
  9. Does anyone have any tips to getting warranty work on the vinyl/interior? I have been working with my local dealer for the past month and it seems no progress is being made. I have been told that they are waiting on centurion to get back to them. My boat is a 2014 ss210. Bought a left over 14 at the end of 2015. I am definitely not impressed with how the vinyl is holding up. I bought the boat new and after 2 year of use it seems to be falling apart. The piping is ripping, the edges on the under side of the seats has wholes, the vinyl is flaking off on the back seat and drivers seat. The travel cover has left black marks on the back seat. Has anyone else had these problems? The boat is always stored in my garage with the cover on. I have about 160hrs and I am OCD about caring for my boat. I am concerned about buy another centurion if the interior doesn't hold up and if centurion doesn't stand by the warranty. I thought they were all about customer service???? Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Keep 2014 or time to upgrade?

    @InfinitySurf could you talk more about the vinyl. I have a 2014 ss210. We have been having trouble with our vinyl. I am wondering if it fits in the same warranty as yours. Our dealer is no help.
  11. Bent or not bent????

    All I see is 💵💵💵💵. Suck I will check it out tomorrow and post pictures if I have questions. Might have to call my insurance guy. Thanks for your help
  12. Bent or not bent????

    So the gapping around the shaft will not be even? Am I understanding you right?
  13. Bent or not bent????

    @NW Boat Sports @Wylie_Tunes Dumb question?! Would the bent prop or bent rudder cause the hard to turn left? It's only when the boat is in motion. I am just wondering if I need to look at the shaft and strut too? Do they get damaged easy?
  14. Were they able too look up the rudder by make and model? Sounds like I will need to replace my rudder too. Any advice?

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