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  1. mission delta / FS44

    I have the mission delta i use it on my 2014 fx44 . it rocks and its so easy to use . !!
  2. yes i tested the wires at the pump and no power at the back there are three wires a black ground wire a brown and white for automatic and a solid brown one for manual pump. the switch in the dash has threee wires one is a black ground one is orange which is the feed wire and one brown one wich is power out im assuming the brown wire goes to the pump . the brown wire goes up into the main harness but i cant find were it runs to the back of the boat . any other thoughts . i do not know where the continous power supply comes from for the automatic part of the pump . is there a control panel somewere for the bilge ? when i look at the wiring diagram in the owners manual it says there should be a junction for the bilge but the dealer says it is the switch in the dash which didnt make sense to me . the dealer is located a few hours away and a $300 ferry ride each way so im hesitant to take it too the dealer if i can fix it myself
  3. i need help . i have a 2014 fx44 and last year at the end of the summer i walked down the dock and noticed the automatic bilge pump running constant. i lifted the rear engine cover and pulled the pump from its housing and i could get the pump to stop running by lifting the float up. (which is backwards) i pulled the boat out of the water and ordered a new pump and left it sit over the winter. i have pulled the boat out of storage yesterday and proceeded to go ahead and install my new bilge. i connected the new pump and wires and tested it with the manual switch on the dash and the pump wont turn on . i checked for power with a test light and i have power at the back of the switch under the dash but no power at the back at the pump. i called the dealer and they suggested checking all the breakers and none of the breakers were tripped. i lifted the floor to make sure i didnt have a cut wire as the wiring is supposed to run up the center of the boat beside the fuel tank and i cant find anything that looks like it could be the issue. anyone have any suggestions or have had a similar problem .?? thanks in advance
  4. got it all fixed the sub was un plugged from he factory . (ugh)
  5. mine is in the same location . thanks
  6. anyone know how to access the subwoofer on my 2014 fx44 .? it hasnt worked since i got the boat . i need to chek the connections thanks jeff
  7. Quiet Tip Silencer

    I was lucky mine had fallen off at the dock in 20 feet of water .
  8. Quiet Tip Silencer

    this must be a common problem . mine fell off also . I noticed it while cleaning the bottom of my boat in the water. I found the silencer on the bottom of the lake and re installed it with a little bit of silicone to take some of the vibration away from it . to be honest I didn't notice any difference with it on or off . I would love to buy an FAE if they could figure out the spray problems . I rode and surfed dreamers boat last year with the FAE on it and it was like riding in a Cadillac.

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