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  1. Box Anchor on sale

    Cheers thanks for the heads up. Been on my amazon wish list for some time now but was waiting till I could get a sale. DAYLIGHT code didn't work for me but GREEN gave me a additional 10% off. $125.54 to the door is a killer price. Thanks
  2. 2015 FS33 owners manual?

    Yeah they don't exist. I have tried everything to get one but the fact is they have never been created. I got a nice email from Centurion after much probing on social media. They sent me a manual from 2009.
  3. Exile tower speakers and roswell stock speakers in the boat. Exile amp I assume for the towers and another for the stocks. Figured it out. It was a signal issue. After messing with the rca's. Unplugging and replugging them in the system works great again. Thanks for taking the time to reply guys.
  4. When I turn on the power to the stereo. Regardless of input or volume get a super loud noise coming from both the port side speakers. They are vibrating like the bass is going and its pretty loud. We had heavy rain for the last couple days and the boat really didn't get that wet inside with the cover on. I did see moisture at the bottom of one of the speaker cones. Do you think it's just wet or is it the amp that's the issue? Not sure what to do other then let it dry out and figure it out. Will get it into it's winter spot this weekend but needed it at home for DMV and other stuff. Any advise?

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