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  1. CA is on Fire

    I live a few miles south of where fire started in Kenwood in Glen ellen. Neighbor woke me @ 1:30 . Could see the glow and a few tall trees burning north of us . It was a scary visual for sure. But we made the decision just to grab documents and leave boat and house. The few hours following we're horrible not knowing what was happening , but by the grace of a higher power most of our Glen Ellen village was sparred from the fire and our house still stands. My heart goes out to my neighbors ,friends and clients who lost there homes but glad there safe. Anyone who is a member in the santa Rosa ,Sonoma area who needs a hand they can message me.
  2. Surf Wax Alternative

    You don't need wax trust me it's not supposed to be sticky. I would try both if you can. Most wake surfers I see could not surf there way out of a paper bag . But if you know you know and sometimes you just have to take the leap.
  3. Surf Wax Alternative

    i have been using it since the end of last season and this season. The stuff is actually non abrasive , i don't understand the sand paper comments. i have been surfing for almost 42 years now and have a dislike for any front foot traction but this stuff works. i have a friend who is a rider for channel islands and he rode behind my boat over the weekend and loved it as well. i also don't understand why some of the wakesurf board builders send out there boards with the traction already installed. how do they know how you surf or how your stance is . i could go on about it, but if you do order a kit it will be enough for 2 boards (wake surf) for front with traditional rear pad. on a side note about it being abrasive, i have no problems laying it deck down on my upholstery and i am as anal about my boat as anal can be.
  4. Surf Wax Alternative

    I made the jump to hexa and it works great, easy to adjust feet but grips great, all my surfing buddies were sceptical as well but love it . Light weight,graphics show thru . Good stuff
  5. clear lake/water conditions

    That is interesting you mentioned maherajah , I was just at my parents house and they still have two of the original single slalom ski's they built with the rubber tips. as well when i was younger i rode a maharajah skateboard right before i was sponsored by rector skate gear. I know a few people want to get there hands on those ski's. i do like clear lake , there is so much water area and any where its hot and there is water i am a fan.
  6. clear lake/water conditions

    I believe it does ,i always quick wax after the solution . i think if that was all you used it may be problematic but like my drinking, a little bit in moderation won't hurt . right?
  7. clear lake/water conditions

    I as well use the vinegar and water mix like bongo said with a little more vinegar than water and have used many of the wipe down brands. the vinegar works well and is not hard on the wallet. i have not been to clear lake for years and years but it was pretty cool, lots of sq miles of lake for sure. If i had the opportunity to purchase a house on the water i would, but it is definitely its own environment. my friends have a pretty cool spot with its own launch and dock which made things easy. I did see a lot of other guys surfing which was exciting. So yes i would say it is worth going up there to check it out 707. my wife and i got up early and cruised around to check things out and went by konocti which looked sort of lonely and begging to be opened back up, but guess thats a whole different subject. The chalky comment was about after starting to wipe the boat down and spreading the water spots all around (part of having black gel coat) I did look for a enzo while i was there thinking i may have seen bongo but like i said there is a lot of water there, and i can still smell it as i am draining my bags . you probably have had some good times up there bongo. I'm hoping to get back up there soon.
  8. We had a great weekend at clear lake but i have a question for bongo fury . what do you use on your boat for the conditions there ? my boat looked like some one blew chalk dust all over it when i pulled it out. we usually go to berryessa and never had so much water spot issues as we did there . just curious.
  9. Bubble Bath in 257 engine compartment

    April fool's right?
  10. Looking for info on A-plate mod kits

    I believe I have the same boat and year as you.I would be interested if ok. I am @ jml6464@ gmail.com it's my back up email but check it often. Thanks, built

    2008 avalanche . it still shines a little.
  12. August pic and video thread 2016

    i just read that lower lake is in a state of emergency from the fire .
  13. ^ All the connections are shrink wrapped and it has a inline fuse direct to battery. I have been using it for 2 seasons for my back up pump for extra bags. have not blown a fuse yet. it is just more convenient since it is out of the way and close to where i need it and it is still functional as a cup holder. It also has a rubber seal on cap .

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