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  1. Just read your message regarding restoring your Barefoot Falcon.  I have a 1991 Barefoot Falcon with exact same floor issues.  I also had to replaced the stringers and am in the process of replacing the floor.  My question is regarding the need to replace the foam.  Like you I have several hundred pounds of saturated foam removed and I am not certain to replace it or leave it without foam.  Do you are anyone know if the foam is necessary for any structural support, or is it just for sound and flotation?

  2. falcon cleat question

    I just added two cleats on the starboard side of my 1990 Falcon Barefoot. The forward cleat I installed on the horizontal deck just forward of the windsheild. The aft cleat I installed on the horizontal deck just forward of the anchor light socket. The deck was pretty strong in both areas. Make sure you use something to protect the gel coat when you drill. The gel coat an chip really easily, I used duct tape and it came out great. Good luck, Mark D.
  3. Wow great boat! Thanks for all the pictures you really did this up nice. I love the ski centurion boats from the 80's and 90's they had some real character. I love that you have made is so custom it is really nice. I have a 1990 Falcon Barefoot that I am in the process of cleaning up. Thanks for all the info!
  4. 1990 Falcon

    OK thanks that helps clear it up a bit. You have really piqued my interest with this one I would love to find a resource for orignal specs for these boats. iBoats has some info but it is limited. They do seem to list the warrior as a few inches narrower and a few hundered pounds lighter but I think it would be really interesting to talk to the original designers. I sent a request for information to Centurion I will let you know what I find out. Mark
  5. 1990 Falcon

    Kevin, Thanks for your replies, I love these era boats and I am always looking to find new information. I think it is interesting how you think the two hulls are the same. After a fun day on the Falcon with the family a Warrior showed up on our lake. I was thinking just how different I thought the hulls looked. The Warrior had very little free board below the gunnel where the Falcon seemed to have much more. I will have to take some pictures myself and make a few comparions. It would be really cool to have a factory guy from the Fineline days show up on this forum to give us some details on how these boats were made. I really do appreciate your time and information and please do not be offended by a friendly disicussion. Take care, Mark
  6. 1990 Falcon

    Not sure how this turned out and I know this thread is a little bit old but I had to chime in. When I was growing up I got to foot on every type of boat. Mastercraft OB, Barefoot Nautique Mid mount and V drive 454, Flightcraft and Ski centurion both Warrior and Falcon. I have to disagree with Kevin here on a couple of points. First off I am pretty sure the hulls on the Falcon and Warrior are very different. As I recall the wakes were very different and the side spray was different as well. The warrior was faster mainly because it was lighter and based on their earlier racing boat design. I always felt it did not have a well defined wake especially when back slalom footing. The boil always seemed to be more violent and harder to reduce even with the trim all the way down. Side spray was always bad and rasing the trim seemed to do nothing to improve it. The Falcon hull was the same hull as their true trac III inboard hull. This wake seemed to be better defined and with the trim down you could reduce the boil. Is for getting up to speed it did seem slower and I attribute that to the extra weight of the hull. I purchased a 1990 Falcon Barefoot with a 200HP Yamaha Pro V last summer. I am 260 lbs and with a boat full of people barely got into my tuck before I had plained off and sat up for a long line run. Side spray can be greatly improved by adjusting the trim one you are out of the hole and on plane coming up to speed. As for the wood there are three areas of concern. Transom, Floor and Stringers. My boat had a soft floor when we went to purchased it. We pushed on the lower unit and saw no flex in the transom so we knew the transon was in good shape. I pulled the carpet off this winter and found the floor in pretty bad shape as well as the closed cell foam completely saturated. I remove it all and let the boat dry our. While preping the stringers I found areas of spot rot and treated accordingly with products from the www.rotdoctor.com. I added some addtional 2 x 8's to support he stringers and floor. I purchase new 3/4" marine grade plywood, closed cell foam, and carpet. The original floor had only a sprayed resin with fibers in it. I chose to use 6 oz fabric and complete cover the floor from gunnel to gunnel. I talked to a guy at a local boat refurb shop and he suggested I gelcoat the floor before applying carpet. He said that fiberglass is still porus and gelcoat make a better seal and a better surface to glue the carpet to. I had never done gelcoat but I purachase a gallon from Jamestown and used a roller to apply it. It went really well and came out great. The carpet glue needed 72 hours to dry so I have not actually done that yet. I wanted to use the boat and the gelcoat floor is not too bad. Sorry to get into the restoration but it was a lot of work but well worth it. The reason I mention it is because after removing the wet foam I have reduced the weight by 250 to 300 lbs and the boat is even quicker. I currently have a 3 blade SS 21 pitch prop and it is the perfect balance between neck snapping pull and speed. I love the boats from this era even though it was the 80's and Fineline was slapping them together it is a really fun boat. I would love to hear how your purhcase turned out. Take care, Mark D.
  7. Rare Centurion Models

    Great to hear this unique boat is going to see the water again. Do you know what the horse power rating was for this boat? I am just down the road on Quaddick and would love to see it run. Keep us posted and some pictures of the rigging would be cool to. Mark
  8. Rare Centurion Models

    I know where this boat is!! I saw it the last time I went through the marina. I could not figure out what it was. Too bad it is just sitting there rotting away. I wondered what they used for an engine I guessed an outboard with some sort of mounting plate but there were no obvious cables or rigging. Is it for sale?
  9. I just purchased this 1990 Falcon Barefoot with a 200 HP Yamaha. It was similar to a 1993 that I used to barefoot on when I was a kid. Now I will be using it to teach my kids and do a little footin of my own!

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