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  1. Have you checked to see if water is getting into the actuator when in the water? just spitballing ideas, i haven't had the opportunity to work on any yet so i may be replying for no good reason. I'm assuming it has a motor/gearbox that drives a acme shaft?
  2. when swimming or loading in the boat could he not put the tabs down to get them out of the way of people climbing back into the boat?
  3. Hour meter or not?

    I have a 06 elite v that has 1 mine is either to the left or right of the steering wheel can't remember which if you need me to check and give a exact location let me know, its a handy tool for keeping up with when its time for maintenance!
  4. That sounds reasonable i tried to look at that last year but didn't have a flash light will carry a light 1st time out this year so its easier to see. Well last year i got tunnel vision and only looked at the shaft area TBH
  5. Hey guys i have a 06 elite v that will bilge out water about every 2 or 3 hours even if we haven't been getting in and out of the water. what i have done so far is fill the boat up with water (to the bottom of the hull below carpet) and waited and could not find anything, i was thinking it would either be where the prop shaft exited or steering rudder (sorry if I'm not properly calling out components). a couple of years ago i replaced the temp/speed controller that exits out the bottom of the boat but o-ring looks good, any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. The only other thing i could think of is with the water in the boat it doesn't create enough pressure like the boat sitting in the water and boat appears to have some sort of pss seal not the old packing style (from looking at it) Thanks for any input
  6. That gives the trailer a pop factor! Also a nice write up, if i ever get my other junk out of the boats way i need to try this!
  7. i have the same top i think, i have not seen any markings on it, does the canvas have any tags on it stating who its made by? i will try and get to it and look again this week and report back--- sorry I'm not able to give you any better info Beau
  8. i have a 07 elite c4 and loosened mine by laying in the storage bin and stretching out with a long ratchet ( it sucked) if i would of taken the nut off i'm not sure i would of got it back on. subbing for a better way!!!
  9. FI 21 Video

    love the color scheme , that is a beautiful boat!
  10. rear seat redo

    i haven't made it that far yet, the sun deck has a lot thinner padding so it dozen"t seem to be as badly affected but it might look a little funny with only 1 piece of GatorStep. will keep investigating to see what i can rig up lol
  11. rear seat redo

    Mine is also coming apart at the seams from stepping on it and needs to be fixed while the foam is still in good shape. I have been searching and found some of the later boats have a 3 cushion seat, mine is 1 big seat if i were to cut it into 3 separates i would think this would be easier to work with? any opinions? Would there be a issue getting the seats to stay put while towing, i would think not, but these are questions of concern before getting to carried away. i would think a upholstery shop could do it cheaper than buying factory but there is something about having factory fit parts thats appealing. once again thanks for any input Beau
  12. rear seat redo

    also a winter project for me if i come up with a good idea i will post, if you beat me to it also post because if your at lake norman thats not to far away i may come use your upholster !!! lol, guess i should update my sig I'm in SC
  13. im in for the end results!!! i also need to do mine this winter so any advice would be appreciated. if any pics could be added that would also be great, but i can google them if not. Thanks for the write-up! Beau
  14. hey guys i have a 07 elite c4 and i would like to add a section into the rear seat to step on so the seat isn't taking the abuse. I'm looking for advice on what to do, any pics or how to's would also be great. Not sure i can take it to the upholstery shop and just say this is what i want? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Beau
  15. sorry the pic of the servo motor got lost in translation? Anyhow towards the bottom it tells you how to troubleshoot the servo motor. The 4 – Phase servo motor can make hundreds of adjustments per second to maintain the correct speed. It is vitally important that the throttle cable has free movement and the brass L Adapter (Volvo only) connecting the PerfectPass throttle cable to throttle arm can swivel and rotate smoothly. If a servo motor is not installed in the correct location, the throttle cable may have too much of a bend or may jam against the engine cover which will cause improper operation. Anytime you suspect the system is not controlling properly, a Servo Motor Test should be performed as follows. If servo motor test is successful, perform a linkage test on page 10. Servo Motor Test / Auto Tighten Test Every time you return the boat to neutral when PerfectPass is on, the servo will wind in the cable until snug in a clockwise direction. This is the normal starting point for the servo. Each time you turn the key on or start the boat, PerfectPass becomes powered and the servo will perform an “auto tighten” function and will attempt to wind in the cable to confirm it is in normal position. (If in proper position, it will appear simply as a “click”, “click”, click”). To check servo and servo power wire, with key off turn black knob on servo motor counter clockwise 3⁄4 of a turn. Now turn key on and black knob should turn clockwise about 3⁄4 of a turn as part of auto tighten. If it does, repeat procedure, except this time hold black knob gently to apply some resistance to auto tighten. If it rotates with good strength then it would appear servo and servo power cable are fine. If it does not rotate or just vibrates, then a wiring phase coming to the servo may be loose or broken. Inspect all wiring around servo. Pull both white plugs apart at servo and inspect pins to ensure they are in place. Gently tug on each wire to ensure they are securely in crimp. Check at Master Module where cable is connected. If you cannot locate problem, contact PerfectPass at (902) 468-2150. C:\Users\mark\Desktop\Trouble.StarGazer.Mechanical.docx Page 4

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