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  1. Centuron Crew Flag

    Agree with the others but I would buy it as is! How soon until we see it in the store Admin?
  2. Centuron Crew Flag

    Looks great! I'm in. Single or Double is fine with me. Just let me know how much I owe!
  3. Centuron Crew Flag

    I think True has the right idea.
  4. Centuron Crew Flag

    Ditto. What is the cost difference? 3X because there is 3 times the fabric? If the single sided is $20 and the double is $60 I would go with the single. But if we are talking about $20 and $30 I'm thinking the double because it will more than likely last longer. Also, what size are we thinking about? No matter what I'M IN for a flag.
  5. Centuron Crew Flag

    Any word on this one? Is something in progress?
  6. Centuron Crew Flag

    Love it Admin! I'll take 2 flags and a garage flag! Just show me how to send you the cash.
  7. Centuron Crew Flag

  8. Centuron Crew Flag

    Anyone working on bulk ordering flags? We have a East Coast Crew Meet in July and it would be nice to show the Crew colors!
  9. Centuron Crew Flag

  10. Centuron Crew Flag

    BTW 70 Deg day here in SC. Got a chance to take the boat out and I have the summer bug. Sorry to push but I'm ready to have a Centurion Crew flag flying off my tower.
  11. Centuron Crew Flag

    I have seen several people say they like simple and to the point. This does it for me! Love it! Where do we go from here? So where can I buy a flag like this?
  12. Centuron Crew Flag

    Looks great! Can't wait to have this or something similar flying on my boat!

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