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  1. Ceramic Coating

    I got it from Marine Nano Shop in Florida. He has 2 grades. I went with the consumer not the professional. It’s more than enough durability and he mentioned the pro grade would need to be wet sanded of if I screwed up. Extremely happy with the consumer grade durability. If you look at the various ceramic products for consumers, they all seem to come in the same bottle with a different sticker. It appears as there’s one manufacturer and they private label for the vendors.
  2. Ceramic Coating

    I read, read and read. Being fairly proficient at gelcoat, and reading some of the “not worth it” comments, I decided against it. We bought a black hull Ri and after sliding our butts up the side to get in when it was on the hoist, the were tons of visible scratches in just the first 2 weeks. I immediately pulled the boat and decided to go ceramic. The best way to describe the results, is to think of it encapsulated in glass. Not one new scratch the rest of last year. It’s like it’s permanently waxed and therefore cleans really easy. You will still get water spots, but they harmlessly wipe off with just soap/water. In my humble opinion, it was a great decision and will do it on any new boats going forward. A great sealant or wax does not compare when it comes to surface protection. I’ve owned boats for 21 years and have tried almost everything. Good luck!
  3. Could you post another link to the 301 video? The thread is only showing 101,201,201. Sort of weird and I’m very interested in the 301
  4. Fi 25 on the way

    Our local dealer had a Fi23 all black with silver flake last year. It looked fantastic. Hope you’ll post a link to some pics once you get it home????
  5. Fi 25 on the way

    What colors did you go with on your new Fi???
  6. Boat shipping/transporting

    Once you get it, just play nice with your local dealer and you should be fine. I know our local dealers would treat you like a potential future customer and take good care of you. That said, I have heard of horror stories where various dealers would shun you because you didn’t buy the boat from them. That’s absolutely very short sighted business sense. If you do your own maintenance, you hopefully won’t need them anyway. I haven’t needed Orion for anything other than documenting a 25 hour check up and a software update. Our Ri reliability has been stellar! The red flake on that boat is beautiful and although I don’t know the price, I did hear you stole it. Congrats!
  7. Boat shipping/transporting

    That’s awesome! I spent a lot of time using that boat to design ours. It is truly a gorgeous boat. Congrats!!! Yeah, Justin is great.
  8. Boat shipping/transporting

    General RV Wixom Mi, absolutely huge RV dealer. Tommy’s Malibu in Waterford (formerly Skiers Pier), they are the largest inboard dealer in the world. Pretty nice guys for being Malibu. Lol Great suggestions from Packrat, maybe they can help.
  9. Boat shipping/transporting

    And just a thought on shipping. Orion has a crane they remove the boats off the truck when they arrive from the factory. If the truck doesn’t have a return load, maybe they could bring yours back to the factory in California? No idea if it’s a option or not.
  10. Boat shipping/transporting

    The Orange or the red, white and black? They had 2 2017’s a couple months ago. I bought my Ri from Orion. Absolutely great to deal with!
  11. Boat shipping/transporting

    Michigan? Did you buy it from Orion Marine? Sorry, not much help on shipping a 237.
  12. Came from the same boat as Wheels to a 18 Ri237. Same result, I couldn’t be happier with the decision! Good luck finding a new boat.
  13. Ri237 surf/wakeboard settings

    I also have a 18 and I think the Opti V Hull makes a difference. I had the wave dialed in pretty good and then added 500lbs of lead. My wave went to crap and I struggled for a bit. If you’re running lead, Wakeballast has some settings on their website. I have 150 in the back of each locker and 100 under the seats along the sides. ALL pnps full, yes even the front. Opposite ram at 85%, surf tab at 50-80 and stinger wherever looks good. With the front pnp, you won’t need as much stinger. Speed 11-11.4. Usually 3-4 people on board. Our wave has ridiculous push way back and is huge. Good luck!
  14. To answer your question, if I had gone through what you’ve gone through, it would be exceptionally difficult for me to stay with the same brand. I actually switched to Centurion due to a similar nightmare with another brand. That said, there’s no comparing the quality of our Ri237 and our previous boat. I cannot express how pleased we are with the boat as a whole! Very sorry to hear your issues and hope you can move on to enjoy a beautiful boat. I think Infinity is spot on with his 1 in a 1000 perspective.

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