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  1. I used a Harbor Freight cheapy on a 36 foot SeaRay I owned. It does have variable speed and worked great. I typically buy the best tools, but in this case, it’s a tool that would only get used once in a great while. The boat was badly oxidized and I used a strong automotive cutting compound that I can’t seem to find the name of. For light scratches, I used 3M Finesse It, which did a great job! I have always used 3M or Collinite paste wax twice a year. Hope something in there can help.
  2. CATS question

    Just took possession of our 2018 Ri237 delivered last week with Cats.
  3. And so it begins!!!

    Lol! When it stops snowing. Weather absolutely sucks!!! I’m really hoping for next week. The forecast has been moving the next nice day to eternally 7 days out. So next thurs is looking promising as of now. Its truly torture waiting!
  4. And so it begins!!!

    Thanks!!! I was really excited to see the factory pics, but neither those pics, nor these do the colors justice. I was blown away at how amazing the blue flake looked next to the black in person!
  5. And so it begins!!!

    It’s here! Hard to appreciate the flake with the indoor lighting, but truly stunning in person. We couldn’t be happier with the Centurion decision!!!!
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. @Fivebar2 is that on a 237 and are those Domed numbers?
  8. Black on Black 257 build

    Turned out great! Enjoy!!!
  9. And so it begins!!!

    Thanks!!! Maliblues..... LOL! Hilarious!
  10. And so it begins!!!

    Thanks! Honestly the credit goes to my wife on the interior and the black hull. I didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to go tan/mocha. She’s great with colors. When we met, every wall in my bachelor pad was painted white. Lol!
  11. And so it begins!!!

    More pics😀
  12. Black on Black 257 build

    Orion Marine, Lake Orion Mi. They don’t have it on the website yet. They’ve been slammed with 2 boat shows and sold a ton of pontoons. I’m sure if you called them, they could forward some pics. Very nice people to work with.
  13. Black on Black 257 build

    When was your spray date?
  14. Black on Black 257 build

    When was your spray date?
  15. And so it begins!!!

    Perfect thanks. Seems like most people are running weight back there.

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