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  1. RI245 out the door price

    These are great points for sure. Wave is important but I would say as long as it is "fun" I am not so inclined to say I need the biggest wave. I like the sound of the PCM better than the Raptor, it seemed like the Centurion took chop a little better, and the fuel economy is really big to me given the size of the lake I am on, takes forever to get where you're going as is, once you find a spot and start surfing I can't make it back to a dock as frequently as on a smaller lake. I will say after going back and forth between the two boats, the 245 is closer in fit and finish than I thought. The material around the screens in the Supra actually looked a little cheap to the hex up there, the screens on both were very different but both cool, captain's chair on Supra (for 21) definitely wins, vinyl is worlds different as far as comfort on the Supra, the cent feels rougher and very hard but maybe this gets better, unsure. Tower on Supra and foldability of both bimini and tower itself better on Supra, lighting package light years better on Supra, no idea why Cent missed so badly on lighting only having one color. I am leaning Cent at this point due to gas and its ability in chop. What I am struggling with mightily is the horrible color schemes and creativity in the paint schemes with Cent, they are pretty outdated compared to the Nautiques and others. I have narrowed it down to either all stone gray, all black MF, or all white at this point but I can't even find a stone gray Centurion online which baffles me so it is making the decision more difficult.
  2. Yeah static was a bad choice of words. As much as I love clean music I don't have the vernacular but it just sounded significantly less clear and definitely wasn't as punchy. Good to know on warrior setup, for the money it is insanity in my opinion but the boxes do look awesome.
  3. I got to listen to both today, got lucky there was one with both there. The wet sounds definitely sounds better for sure, less static and more clear at high volume. Did not get to listen to warrior.
  4. Additionally, a sales guy told me they thought multiple wet sounds would be better than coverfire 2.0. Thoughts?
  5. RI245 out the door price

    Cent quote has gotten closer and now making the decision tough. What do you guys think of resale values on Supra vs. Cent? That will be my last decision maker here and I don't have enough experience on whether an SE or an Ri245 would resell similarly or one over the other.
  6. On the new models any suggestions here? I will say cover fire looks far better than the basic wet sounds 10" speakers but warrior seems overpriced so just curious on thoughts.
  7. RI245 out the door price

    Just got the quote back from Cent and it was extremely disappointing, came in at about 20k over and with standard sound system to boot and no thrusters. I can't understand how it is that far apart, Supra sells 5-10x the number of boats and still felt just a touch better minus the pcm engine, the hull's ability to take chop, and the wave being better. I know the latter a lot of people will gravitate to but I am not a pro surfer and myself and kids never will be so it doesn't warrant that difference with what I am losing in the other areas, including my wallet.
  8. Hey guys, just priced out a Supra SE and with stern thrusters ($8500 option) and every single option ticked except a tri axle trailer (going dual) and pre-tax price is about $142k ($182k MSRP). I have had a hell of a time trying to get the local Centurion dealer or Centurion themselves to get back to me timely or answer my questions, which is a little discerning. However, I am trying to figure out what the out the door price is on one of these in comparison to the deal I am getting on the Supra. I demoed the Supra already and it was pretty badass. Felt premium, a ton of tech, great sound system, and had a great surf wave. I am not a pro, just want to go out and have fun so one wave being a little better than the other won't change my decision.
  9. 2017 Ri 237 vs LSV25

    Why do people talk so much about Supras having better fit and finish than centurions? I've watched video demos and it just seems the hexagon vinyl looks so much better but again I've never been in one. Just curious as I am looking between Supra, Centurion, and Malibu. Took an M240 out the other day, absolutely decked out and honestly fit and finish on that as "okay", not really sure what i was expecting but something more considering it was 225k.
  10. Thanks for the reply! Good to hear about the options, I am in GA so no worry about high elevation and I would prefer a smaller motor for gas efficiency anyways so that is not a concern. What is the biggest difference between Centurion and Supreme and is it worth spending more on the former?
  11. Hey guys, new to the forum but have been fond of Centurion for a bit. Have been looking at various models but don't know Centurion very well, the current boat I am looking at is the Ri257, I don't know how it compares to the others like the Fi and Vi but also looking at 23 and 25 LSV Malibu seriously. Supra, Mastercraft are on list too but they tend to be too pricey for what I feel you get so only looking at those in case a deal pops up. I would prefer a bigger 25' boat than the 23' boats and came across an Ri257 with 75 hours on it and the color scheme I like and it has the options below. I have two girls 10 and 7 and I would like to surf mostly myself (occasionally wakeboard) and teach them to surf. I am trying to figure out if there is anything really important that is missing from the options list. I couldn't really tell because the Centurion website is sparse when it comes to choosing options in the builder and understanding them. https://ibb.co/4F1rmqm https://ibb.co/QmvgC2j https://ibb.co/PrdQk9n https://ibb.co/XpJc1F6

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