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  1. S238 tow vehicles

    2016 2500HD Duramax High Country
  2. Winter Blues..

    Well finally got a chance to head west and spend some time in Revelstoke sledding this week. Found some snow and had a blast! Worth the 12 hour drive every time 😁
  3. Well folks I'm starting to get a case of the winter blues up here in Northern Saskatchewan. Hunting season has wrapped up, and there is not enough snow to sled...so here I am dreaming about those EPIC lake days!! Went for a stroll out to the shop this morning to check up on the boat and make sure everything was going okay with its winter storage. Didn't help lol. Anyone else having lake withdrawals??????
  4. We list ours. Same set up every time out and it performs to our liking. I've played with different set up using the quick surf tabs and nothing compares to listing it, center tab 100% deployed, 11.2 and go! We put 65 hours on this summer and have been happy with every single aspect of our boat. I know everyone has different opinions, and different experiences...but we are happy. Its too bad it goes in for winterization on Tuesday. Its going to be a LONG 7 months till it hits the water again
  5. If you go through some of the previous threads you should be able to find a regular side setting that will work for you. You'll have it dialed in no time! I've been in camp at work for the past 7 days and still have 5 more to go so I'm living vicariously through you guys for now LOL. Cant wait to get home and get some more hours on the lake before the weather turns to crap.
  6. We ordered our '17 Supreme s238 in March, picked up from our dealer on May 24th. We just rolled over 60 hours before I came back to work. Hoping to get another 10 hours on it before the end of the season which would be a great year for us in Northern Canada where our season really only lasts from mid May to mid September on a good year!
  7. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for all the advice guys! This ^^^^ is exactly what I've been trying the last couple times out, and it has made a huge difference in making consistent rotations. I feel as if I am closer now then I've ever been. Hearing you guys say that its NOT easy and that it takes a lot of time and attempts makes me feel better about this LOL. I'm really hoping to stick one by the end of the season so that I don't have to think about it all winter haha. I can't wait to fly home from work on the 28th and get back at it!
  8. Any suggestions?

    The wave is neither small or has a short pocket. That's possibly the angle of the camera making it look smaller then it is. I am running 1100's in the rear, plus stock, plus 400 lbs of lead. The wave is NOT the issue lol
  9. Any suggestions?

    Here's one more video.
  10. I have been working on nailing a 360 all summer. I get around consistently but am having trouble finding the wave again and riding it out. Does anyone have any advice on how to land one? I'm hoping that its once of those things that once a guy nails one he will be able to get the monkey off his back and be able to do it more often. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated haha. Thanks in advance!

    Yah we love the look of the black. Not the easiest color to keep the water spots from showing on but worth all the extra time spent cleaning lol

    We always stop several feet away from the beach then pull it up by hand. The only time we actually do this is when we are picking someone up, or going to grab something from our lake lot. We never leave it beached for an extended amount of time where waves and wind would have a chance to move the boat around causing damage. I have been doing this with my last three boats (all had black hulls) and have never done any damage.
  13. No regrets

    Yah that sure seems fast. Wouldn't hurt to verify your speed. We are surfing at 11.2 and anything faster then that really seems to flatten out our wave.
  14. FS44 Fall/winter mod

    Congrats! Love the colors

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