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  1. Does anyone know the overall length of the SV240 or 244? The bay of my shop where I usually park the boat is only 26'-6".
  2. Does anyone know the overall length of the SV240 or 244? The side of my shop where I usually park the boat is only 26'-6".
  3. BoardCo Grand Re-Opening

    Awesome, will any of your boats be on clearance sale also? If so, put me down for that SV230.
  4. I went and looked at that Enzo in Salt Lake a few weeks ago. It seems like a good option. It was in OK shape for a 9 year old boat. It was raining so we couldn't go demo it. Those guys at mm water sports were awesome.
  5. I actually went and looked at this Enzo in Salt Lake. It looks like a good option. It was in OK shape but it was raining so we couldn't demo anything. Those guys at mm water sports were awesome.
  6. So the only way I'm going to get a good or great goofy wave is cough up the money for a 2014 or newer with CATS or just buy a Supreme 226? I still think a SV230 could be great goofy side if I did vertical surf gates and a A-symmetrical wing plate, but it's that "if" that's killing me. I just don't think I can budget the jump to a 2014 even if I do wait until there are some fall/winter deals.
  7. Will the A-symmetrical wing plate fix the goofy wave? I would definitely do a vertical surfgate on a older 230 and I would think that could fix or at least reallyl help the goofy side. Everything else I have put vertical gates on has been a dramatic difference.
  8. I have done a couple vertical style gates like the Malibu surfgate using the fast lento actuators. It is amazing what delayed convergence does to the length and depth of the pocket. I plan to do this to about any boat I own until I can actually afford a boat with a factory surf system. It's relatively cheap and not very complicated. And you can adjust and run them in or out with just a momentary contact 3 position switch.
  9. When did they go to swivel board racks, or was that just an option? Dumb question, but those things are expensive.
  10. Not sure if your opposed to drilling holes in your transom, but the fast Lenco rams are down to $340 shipped from marinepartssource and 3/4" HDPE is about another $50. Add a couple switches and its a fairly economical way to adjust the wake. I'm surprised I haven't seen more people adding these. We have had amazing results with the boats we have put them on and the great part is you can adjust the wave by just running the ram in or out at the switch. I'm convinced that if Malibu didn't have the patent locked up so tight on surfgate that most if not all manufactures would be trying it.
  11. Is the Avalanche C4 surf capabilities that much different from a Enzo? They are definitely cheaper than a 230 but they are also a little smaller and less options right?
  12. When did they start the SV233, was it about 2013? So the 233 is a little bigger and slightly different layout? Did they make any SV230 with CATS or was that not until later models? Also, the FX22 seems to price just a little lower than a SV230 but I have read they are not quite as good in rough water due to the lower and wider bow?
  13. Thanks for clearing up the subfloor ballast questions. Sounds like sub floor ballast doesn't really have a down side, besides one more valve that you need to maintain. Any pros or cons to the ProVision 1 to the ProVision 2? Did the gladiator tower change at all from 2009 to 2012?
  14. I need to pull the trigger on a different boat some time this year. I have maxed out my 02 Wakesetter 23 XTI with ballast, surf gates, etc. Primary needs in order are: 1st - better surf (including goofy side) 2nd - better (and dryer) rough water ride. 3rd - at least 22 foot So with about a 50k budget and reading every wakesurf review and scouring forums all winter I have a list of 3 options that seem to consistently meet my needs. 1 - Centurion Enzo SV230, 2009 to 2012ish 2 - Supreme 226 (used 226's are like a needle in a hay stack) 3- Tige RZ2 I am really leaning towards a SV230 but I just don't know what the better years for ballast and how much ProVision 1&2 or Touchvision makes a difference. To be clear I will be doing three mods to any of these boats. 1 - Malibu style surf gates and rams (I can bang these out fairly quick now that we have done a few) 2 - Pulling the rear hard tanks to put in the biggest bags I can fit. 3 - Fab an A-Symetrical wing plate (and ram if it doesn't have one) since me and about half my crew are goofy foot. If I do a SV230 is it better to do pre 2010 without ramfill if I'm doing Enzo or custom bags? I have read posts on here that said the ramfill tanks take up storage but I don't understand where subfloor ballast changes that. Does it change the size of the rear lockers at all? Or can I do a post 2010 and 1100 lb or bigger custom bags? Wakemakers doesn't list a 1100 lb bag for post 2010 SV230 so I don't know if that because of the Ramfill or the lockers are different. I don't like the pre 2009 towers and it's seems like about 2012 is where I start to exceed my budget. But they only did the ProVision 1 for one year is the Provision 2 that much better and is it worth stretching to 2013 for the Touchvision? I would love to stretch the budget to get the CATs system since I'm goofy foot, but I don't think I can go that far. The part of my shop where I usually park my boat is only 26'-6" deep so I would like to stay under that. I have looked at the Avalanche C4 as another option since some posts on here have said the goofy side is a little easier to dial in, but I like the extras that the Enzo offers and the Enzo just seems to set the bar for surfing, especially in older boats. These forums have been a huge help for information. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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