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  1. Weird overheating issues

    The impeller is brand new the thermostat is brand new. I pulled all the cooling hoses flushed them out. I only getting 3psi of raw water pressure on my smartcraft gauge. I have a temperature lazer. The exhaust manifolds are at 200 degrees. I pulled the poppit valve and now the headers are at 89 degrees. What is the poppit? What kind of water pressure do I need for the poppit to work. Again the impeller is brand new and I pulled and flushed all the hoses. Does the transmission give pressure you more water pressure when you’re in the water? I am using the garden hose right now and I am only getting 3psi of water on the gauges.
  2. Weird overheating issues

    What is your water pressure when you’re at cruising speeds? I am getting 10.2 to 9.2 psi at 3800rpms. I am wondering if that is too low at those rpms. I am getting an engine over temp alarm. I changed the thermostat already and the temp gauge reads 158 all day long. I traced my heat issues down to one exhaust header is way hotter then the other. Too hot to barely touch it.
  3. Could be the starting actuator on the starter it’s self. Try starting the boat while someone taps on the starter
  4. Hi, I am having a tough time with my boat I am getting a misfire along the whole RPM range. The motor surges at higher speeds. I am new to the boat scene. I have an 09 Centurion Avalanche with a black Scorpion 350, serial number 1A091118. I have changed every part of the ignition system except for the actually distributor shaft . I changed my fuel pump and fuel filter. I am getting weird alarms. I am getting a misfire alarm and an engine over heat alarm and a guardian alarm when I am out on the water but I still have power. The block isn’t getting hot (159 degrees) and the compression is 150psi across the engine. The motor/boat only has 72 hours on it. I am just looking for ways to help me identify the problem. I am 3000 bucks into trying to find this problem. Anything will help. Any ideas would help too. Some other info is I am getting 14.1 volts out of the alternator all the time. Thanks,Mitch
  5. I am leaning towards the same issue. I am getting a misfire and back fire. Any help would be awesome.
  6. I have an 09 avy. I have a wakeshaper. I have the 800 pound bags in each rear locker then 2 500 pound bags on the bow. I have yet to try with a full center stock tank. But I have a NautiCurl wakeshaper. It’s awesome.
  7. Anyone have info on the fuel pump. I am looking for the operating range of the fuel pressure at the fuel rail, the vacuum pressure from the air ram for the regulator, and the exact function of the regulator (how it works). I have a 09 avalanche with a 5.7 black scorpion and a cool fuel system. Thanks everyone.
  8. What is the correct fuel rail pressure?
  9. Yeah they are all quicksilver parts. And they were installed by a mercury certified repair shop. I’ll look at them this week.
  10. So I am having a misfire issue as well. I have an 09 Avalanche C4 5.7. It idles fine but as soon I put a load to it. Maybe just accelerate to about 1100 - 1500 rpms it sputters and sounds like it runs hard and vibrates a lot. I don’t notice any thing with the trans and the prop looks fine. I just had a new cap and rotor and wires installed in October. I am going to change the spark plugs next. Is there anything else maintanence wise I can do before I start getting into testing the injectors. The motor only has 200hrs on it.
  11. So we replaced a bunch of ignition parts. Still the same issue. I was able to find out that there is a recall on the DTS system. From my understanding that communicates with ECM. From what mercury was saying is that when the DTS system experiences a fault code it sets the ECM into guardian mode. The reason for the recall so that the DTS won't allow you to reset it so it stays in guardian mode. So I am taking my boat to a dealer to have the recall done. That should correct the problem, but if anyone has more or better info please fill me in. Thanks everyone for helping me out here. What a Pain In the A$$ this was lol. 😤😅
  12. Where would that killswitch in the engine bay be? I know there is a breaker for the ignition but that is ok. I am sure they are different on every boat but an idea would help.
  13. Hey guys, So I have my boat in the shop for about 2 weeks now. The reason the boat went into the shop was it started to misfire out on the water. I was able to get it back and took to a local shop. He was able to find that the cam position sensor fell out, the screw backed out. He try's to fire the boat up and it cranks and it fires maybe two cylinders then the motor shuts off. Then he gets about 15 more codes. He try's clearing them and then he retrys to start the boat. Same results. The shop unhooks the negative leads on the battery and leaves them off over night. He hooks the batteries backup and The shop goes to fire it up and he doesn't get anything. The boat doesn't crank and the 1 second beep that normally goes off, doesn't go off when you turn on the key. The codes he has now are: 521323 FM31 521216 215 150 101 387 103 I can't find out what they codes me so I don't have any idea on where to start. Is there a special way of resetting the ECM? It seems like the ECM is keeping the boat from firing up or even cranking over. I am lost and he is searching for help on the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mitchell
  14. Any one know where the speedo sending unit is located on an 09 avalanche?

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