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  1. have you calibrated the perfect pass for the extra weight ?
  2. thxs @luluzer, i dont really wakeboard that much. just surf. gonna try those settings tomorrow when i get the boat to marina. i have two extra 750lb sacs from my old lightning, gonna keep them in the boat an try them one day after i figure out the stock aspects. the ri217 is different beast all together getting really stoked to get it out on the water !
  3. just picked a 2016 centurion ri217 , looking for ideas, suggestions for sets up to hasten the dailing of the wave . lots of new gadgets for wave shaping compared to my old lightning c4 !
  4. if wake surfing , 750lbs in each rear locker(will have to reinforce the engine panels.) fill what ever side your surfing on. 580lbs on the floor 580lbs on the rear seat 150lbs in the centre of the bow surfing the port side , drive the boat in a straight line surfing the starboard side, drive long diameter circles to right. got the same boat, ya can jack a good wave , but being a smaller boat gives a steep vertical wave that is longer then most others. good luck
  5. check the ruder for movement or play, sounds like a bearing is done, fine with no load an locks up under load.
  6. have you cleaned the battery terminals? my 06 lightning did the same thing drove me nuts
  7. dailed the speedo in with a gps, new processor an display on the perfect pass. honestly was quite a surpirse when we did dail in the speedo, was off by 2.5mhp. so we did it three times, once at 10mph, then 20mph, then 40mph. it all match the gps an then we tested with a diferent gps to make sure. got some water ski fainatics on a nautic in town old timers who slice hard an kick up one hell of a spray, asked them to chase us an watch the speed, speeds matched. i understand that "say no heelside" i fish, heard fish stories before. is 30 degrees out today sure well make it to the lake, ill charge up the vid. an well if your ever in the area with your boat come up to resivior sure youll be pleasently surprised, 140 km long, 200ft deep. an rarely another boat , an switch blade i think is the answer
  8. heading out tomorrow hopefully, will take photos of the wave an set up. have some with out a full ballast load from a day that i forgot the pumps but cant figure out how to post them on to this thread. any help on this would help. will post both. an no you dont need a 10 ft long board to keep on the wave, just gotta get up on the rail an ride it hard, wont lie gets interesting an fast but most of all fun. 2 fins work best channel water fast, three kinda slow, one works. but the trick we use is to get the back foot an weight off the tail move stance forward , give it a try will suprise ya !
  9. hey im up in the mtns, believe it or not the only boat on the lake 90 %, some says 40 footer i think vertical drops or airs. my fault sorry. length of the wave, 5 , 5' boards lengths give or take havent taken a measuring tape to it so best i can do
  10. no switch blade, looking into one just really pricey ! have tried with no bow weight the wave gets bigger but shorter in length so had to compromise to get the length with the weight in the bow, i have two extra 300lbs sacs i use on the port seat here an there but with all the bags there aint much room left to sit. usually have 6-7 people in the boat with the mentioned set up to off set the gas ! lead isnt an option got a freaking big climb up the dam to launch the boat ! as for the photos on the getrad website there are a couple on the stoke fm artical of scot an eve surfing the wave isnt the full load of ballasts of them but looks good. an as for going for the 40ter, ill wait till winter an launch off a couple with my sled an noboard
  11. ok i got 06 lightning c4, we get a good wave behind her. seems to turn heads with people who dont ride or own centurions, quite nicely an get alot of questions an complements. but am looking for more as we all do. right now im running a deflector fin on the port side, a 750lb sac in the port engine compartment(another n the starboard for the goofy wave, a 540lb sac on the rear seat, stock center ballast with a 900lb sac on the floor. an either two 300lb sacs or a 540lb sac up front,takes some time to set up but once filled is big tall long, hard wave at 13-14mph, taller at 12- 13 but shorter an softer. so any ideas floating round rounf to add to this set up ? looking to make the wave hard, tall, an long at 14.5mhp is the goal. thxs ! have photos of the wave just waiting on permision to to post them. some pics can be veiwed at getradrevelstoke.com

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