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  1. I run 2 1100s in my boat and don't have any issues. I did change my prop to an ACME 1619 to help get out of the hole easier and up to surf speed faster. The 537 (all around prop) was struggling if I didn't have anyone in the bow. You'll probably want to reinforce the engine dividers. My starboard divider will pop out all the time until I added the brace kit from wakemakers.
  2. Removing Side Swipe

    Nope....I heard the early kits had spray issues but they made a couple changes to the end of the pipe to correct that issue.
  3. Removing Side Swipe

    I removed the sideswipe from my 06 Enzo and replaced it with an FAE. Huge reduction in the noise and was well worth it in my opinion but I'm not planning to get rid of the boat any time soon.
  4. Old interior needs replaced

    I've got several seats at Full Throttle in Woodstock, GA. They should be finished soon...hopefully next week. I'll let you know how they turned out. I think they said it was going to be $225 per seat.
  5. Thanks Wylie_Tunes, the batteries are not that old. I replaced the alternator and dual battery isolator last year.
  6. Does anyone else's stereo volume get super low when you turn on your ballast pumps? I know this is a lot of current draw but there has to be a way to set this up so the stereo volume isn't impacted. Any thoughts or ideas???
  7. Enzo 230 prop

    I run a 1619 in my 06 Enzo and it's an awesome prop. We typically run about 3k of ballast plus crew/gear and the boat does great. Before I reproped the boat it had a 537 and would run mid 40s, now with the 1619 I can still run just a hair under 39 on gps.
  8. Ran into a similar issue with mine but I replaced the Sideswipe with a FAE. One cup was higher because of the block off plate and I couldn't get the other cup to attach. Solved this by cutting off the handle so I had to individual cups and then reattached them together but with longer material in between each so I could get enough leverage to move and position the front cup to attach to the hull.
  9. I've got the same boat and just recently switched from a listed wave (1100lb port rear locker, 580lbs under port bench plus crew) and just couldn't get enough push in the wave. Now I'm running an 1100lb bag in each rear locker and a homemade suckgate and it made a huge difference. There's so much push now it's hard to slow down enough without getting right up on the swim platform. I just re-proped the boat because the Acme 537 that was on it was struggling to get to surf speeds without any bow weight but adding bow weight flatted out the wave and killed the push. Now that the Acme 1619 is on the boat (awesome prop btw) I'm going to play around with adding the 580 back into the mix but will likely start off with it in the center of the boat.
  10. I've got video of my buddy riding behind my boat & the FX-22 last summer; I'll post those later and would be interested in getting pointers based on what you see.
  11. Once I get the boat back from the detail shop, I plan to test the PP against a phone app for speed accuracy. I have a fixed trim-plate so nothing I can do there but good to know the results with a similar weight set-up.,
  12. I feel like we've got the basics down as we were surfing behind an FX-22 last summer before I bought my boat last October. I haven't been able to surf behind my boat as I had surgery April 3rd to re-attach my bicep tendon, so I've been going off of what it looks like when my buddy is behind the boat and what he feels while surfing compared to last summer. So there is definitely the possibility he needs to work on the fundamentals again since it's been a while. The board is a P5 58" Model X, so unfortunately I know it will hold both mine and my buddy's weight as we're both over 220lbs. I supposed we could try to loose weight but who wants to give up beer??? Rhale- let me know your thoughts once you change over to the suck gate.....
  13. Great info; thanks for the feedback! There's a big difference in the wave between those photos.
  14. 11.2 on the perfect pass but I'm not sure how accurate that is
  15. The boat is an 06 SV230 with 1100lb bag in the port rear locker and 580lb bag under the seat on the port side both were completely full and there was an addition 215lb human ballast on the port side. The sweetspot seems to be right behind the boat and not very forgiving. Comparing my wave to an FX-22 I surfed last year the FX-22 wave had more push further back but I don't know how it was weighted. WakeMakers suggested putting in another 1100lb bag on the starboard side, using a wake shaping device and possibly putting the 580lb bag in the bow. I'm not really sure what the best option is but I know this boat can make killer wave once I get it right. Any suggestions? Link to video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByZ8SLtfN_JNSjVxZnFDT2lfTlk

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