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  1. New to the forum and Centurion ownership. I bought my first Surf boat after selling my 20 foot runabout. I purchased a 2010 Enzo 240 with the Pro Vision dash. The Baot came with the Switchblade wake system, but the Lenco rams are bad, but I know that it will work with new rams. I am selling the Switchblade system and moving to a tab system. My first modification to the boat is the addition to a center A-Plate trim tab as my wife is a goofy surfer and I want it to display on the Trim indicator on the dash. Does anyone know what it will take to tie the new trim tab into the Pro Vision dash? Has anyone done this? Also, can the actuator be controlled by the dash rather than using a Lenco switch?
  2. On mine I can work mine out of the water and watch the actuator when the switch if moved from side to side. Mine does not have the covers on them, so if you covers are on you will have to remove them if you want to see the actuators. Mine also does seem to allow some exhaust out the side it is not switched to.

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