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  1. Thanks for the input. I live in an area with 4 seasons, but a pretty big water sports scene in the summer. Unfortunately for surfing, I didn't get around to setting that part up since I've owned the boat. This was our first boat after having kids and we didn't really use it as much as I'd like and my first priority was upgrading the stereo and some other things before I got to surfing and ballast... I know I should check my priorities ;-). So it's all stock in the ballast arena. I didn't post it on Boat Trader and just did the free ad on onlyinboards. I was hoping my local craigslist ad would be enough. I'll looking into beefing up the marketing and maybe talk about the potential the boat has as a surf boat, because I don't have the setup dialed in as it sits today. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I just posted my boat for sale last weekend as I'm expecting to move this fall to a place that doesn't look like there is much boating. I know it's late in the season and not the best time to sell, but I haven't got 1 call on the thing. I'm wondering if it's overpriced? I priced it just over low NADA book price. I have it on here, onlyinboards, and the local craigslist. Any ideas on other places to list it, or should I consider lower my asking price a bit? I know it's only been a week but I figured I'd get a call or two other than from the "let me help you sell your boat people" Thanks for any feedback.
  3. 2006 Centurion Enzo SV230


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    Looking to sell our boat. 520 Hours. The boat runs great, I installed a new steering cable this spring. Full inspection done by mechanic in fall of 2016. Some minor cosmetic bumps and bruises. Vinyl is in pretty good shape. New wheels and Goodyear Marathon Tires on trailer this year (less than 50 miles on them) Custom Cover plus snap on mooring covers, Bimini top. Almost 100% stereo upgrade, everything is new except the sub. Dual Batteries. Please call or text for more information.


  4. I just replaced my 06 SV230 steering cable this spring with this in the 20' version https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00125ICOI/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Congrats on the purchase. I just bought the exact same boat this fall so I'll be interested in your plans for the thing. I have a list of things I'd like to do as well. Some are a need to do, some are a want to do. I think mine needs a steering cable so I will probably try to tackle that soon. Welcome to the forum and that's a good looking boat.
  6. Have you replace your cable? If so, how was the install? Thinking I need a new one as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. NADA Values

    You know, I initially was hesitant of "high" hours, but then at the same time, I thought, well the guy put ~50 hours a year on the thing. That's not a lot at all. It looked well maintained and had a receipts from a full inspection with everything that was found fixed. It would be interesting to see what different people considered high hours. For folks who get a new boat every year or two, its not really a concern, but for someone looking in the 20-40k range for a 8-12 year old inboard, you're going to come across boats with hundreds and hundreds if not 1000+ hours. My Acura is almost 12 years old with 140,000 miles on it, yet my mechanic tells me its one of the best running, cleanest cars he's seen. But if I were to post it on Craigslist with 140,000, I bet a lot of people wouldn't want a car with that many miles. Regardless of the fact that I have service records showing all scheduled maintenance has been performed. While, were on the subject of values, one thing that my car is starting to experience is technology issues. It had a ton technology for a 2005, and while it's mechanically rocking, there are some items that are glitchy like the nav system, one of the digital displays etc. With the newer boats having all the digital displays and computer systems controlling ballast and these fancy features you all talk about, I wonder what the life span on those are. I think they really started using the digital technology in the late 2010s, correct? So I'd be interested to see when that stuff starts get buggy. I think it's more related to time, than use, just like a computer over the years gets slower and buggy. Sorry for rambling, just got me thinking.
  8. NADA Values

    Ok, that's what I was seeing, but asking prices can always be deceiving if someone moves 5 grand or something. You're confirming my feelings of the great deal I got. I ended up ~10k under average book for the boat The guy had sold his lake house and moved into downtown and was closing on his house this week. He was eager to get it moved.
  9. Wanted to get your opinion on how accurate NADA values are. I think I got a great deal on the boat but wanted others input. Attached is the NADA value. I know a lot of it has to do with condition and hours so I'll give a little background on the boat and give me your take what a fair purchase price would be. Boat has 512 hours on the 330 black scorpion motor. All the vinyl was replaced last year and looks great. The chrome steps plates are worn and tarnished looking but that's cosmetic. There is a little chip on the corner of the swim deck but the hull is in great shape. The trailer is like new, longest trip was 20 miles to the shop recently where the guy spent $1600 going over everything. Oil change, new ballast pumps, new serpentine belt, new spark plugs and rotor and the prop was refurbished. Engine runs good. It's set up for a switchblade, but doesn't actually have the blade. I think I covered the basis, if I missed anything big let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I grew up with boats here and there, boated with friends etc, but I'll start with the first boat I owned. 2005 Supra Launch SSV, was my first ski boat and great boat. We had a lot of fun on it wakeboarding and towards the end discovered surfing. The boat had a pretty low profile and with a full crew it say really low in the water. We took a wave over the bow once, that was kind of scary. Also only rated for 8 or 9 people and it was cramped with that many. We sold it after our first was born because we just didn't use it. 1996 Alaskan Jet was my second boat. It was a 24ft Aluminum Jet boat that I bought thinking I would fish instead of wakeboard with the kids. Didn't use it a ton and ended up blowing the 460 in had. Sold it as-is to some guy in Montana. Then I just bought the 2006 Enzo SV230. Haven't used this one yet but I have high hopes!
  11. Thanks everyone. Finally picked the boat up on Friday and drove through a monsoon over the cascades back to eastern Washington. Haven't had a chance to clean up the boat yet, been busy trying to finish a masters degree and life with kids and house chores etc. I just ordered a winter cover for her as she only had the snap on bow and cockpit cover. This is the pic I snapped right after I picked it up before we drove across the mountains. The boat is dirty and needs a nice deep cleaning and some TLC on the hull getting off dock scuff marks the sorts. My first question is that the tower nav light broke off. Any ideas for a good replacement and where to pick that up? Thanks again for the love!
  12. Hello all, I am new to forum, had some hiccups getting it going but we're here now. I am in the process of buying a 2006 Centurion Enzo SV230. Hopefully will be picking it up on Friday, but got to work through all the bank stuff and boat is 3 hours away so there is mail involved. I'm very excited about, it's going to be great for my family. Bummer, its the fall but I got a screaming deal on the thing so it will be worth the wait. I'll give you a little background about me. I live in Tri-Cities, WA which is in the SE part of the state and is a desert like area, hot in the summer cold in the winter. We live on the Columbia River, with the Snake River near by so that is where we do our boating. I owned a Supra Launch 22SSV for about 2 years, but then we had kids and never used it because for the last 6 years there has always been a baby around. Now my youngest is almost 3 and we were ready to jump back into the boating life. I really liked the Centurions and this one is just what we were looking for. Very roomy for the kids, and eventually their friends and a market leader for wake surfing. I started wake boarding as an adult but then found out about wake surfing. We bought a surfboard for our Supra and it was awesome. We rarely wake boarded after that. It's just a nice chill way to have fun out on the river. Well if I think of more, I'll add and once I get that boat home and cleaned up I'll post some pictures of her. Looking forward to learning a ton on here and sharing the experiences.

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