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  1. ri 217 owners

    Thanks for the feed back, that is awesome, we are going to demo next week, any word on the 237 wake ? Does the port side clean up on it?
  2. ri 217 owners

    yup , it was a wealth of knowledge.
  3. ri 217 owners

    very helpful, thank you
  4. I was just wondering if anyone here uses a ri217 to wakeboard? I am curious on how the wakeboard wake is, I am sure the wake surf wave is amazing but we mainly wakeboard. Can you get a good low speed wake for learning? What is it like at 22 mph running heavy? Thanks
  5. Ri217 vs fi23

    How is the wakeboard wake on the 217? We are a 70/30 wakeboard to surf type family. How doe the 217 compare to a g23 surf wave?
  6. Coming out of a nautique 210, the dealer has left over 217 and 237, how is the wakeboard and surf wave on the 217? I think that the 237 maybe just out of the price range. Would you just wait for the fi23?
  7. Fi rumors

    I am impressed I t looks sweet. I just would love to see a wakeboard and wakesurfing wake is all and a price .
  8. Fi rumors

    Maybe some pictures of the wakes? What is a premium entry price? Very confusing statement. Maybe they should list the price then.
  9. Fi rumors

    Just my thoughts for the guys at correct craft, please take the old gen g23 hull and molds and give them to supreme and sell me a striped down g23 made by supreme.i would just love a stripped down boat with rocker switches etc. I think that this would increase the market share of supreme and would be a huge contender against the moomba /axis line. It would not affect the sales of nautique as it is a different buyer that wants the newest tech and hull. Plus give me a deal for the idea, lol.
  10. I found this, it may help you guys in your set up. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W2T1vryjt0U
  11. I talked sto the dealer, the one of the sales guys used to be a pro. He said that he liked the wakeboard wake better than the g23 but that you had to know how to set it up. The g you can just push s button and you are good, but the ri you need to know what you are doing. I hope to demo it soon.
  12. Thanks for the info, I am just guessing but the surf wave is amazing?
  13. i wish I would of started to wake board in the 90's instead of waiting until I was in my 30's now that I am in my 40's it is harder to learn new tricks. I asked the dealer how the wakeboard wake was? They just looked at me funny and said I don't know. I feel that they would not even know how to set it up. Lol
  14. I guess no one on here wakeboards?
  15. I have a nautique 210 2013 , we are looking for a bigger boat that has more room and a bigger surf wave, and wakeboard wave. I have ridden behind a freinds g23 this summer and had lots of fun. The wake board wake was awesome. The surf wave was pretty good to. I know our dealer sells centurion as well. I am curious how the surf wave is compared to the g23 as well as the wakeboard wake. It seems like people mainly surf on here but I am hoping I can get some feed back for both wake board and surf. Thanks

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