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  1. Shaka, have you installed these on a sv244? If so, do you have any video?
  2. I asked and he already tossed it...sorry
  3. I might have one for you. A buddy just took off a mangled prop and I think it was that one
  4. Interesting. I wonder what is holding that pulley on? I found a green plastic cap on the floor of the boat that was split in two. Those theads on the shaft appear to have a bit of the same green plastic on them. I’m guessing that cap was on there and it was hit by exploding belt and popped off and broke. Thanks for taking a look, much appreciated!
  5. I blew a serpentine belt this past weekend. When I took a look at the area where the belt goes, I noticed that the engine water pump (not fresh water pump) pulley appears to be missing a large nut. The pulley feels tight on the shaft, I’m guessing that it’s a press fit. Does anyone know if a nut is supposed to be on here? See pic below (it’s the 6 inch black disk in the middle of the pic with the threaded shaft sticking out of it). I can’t see any other way that this pulley is currently staying on...
  6. I also have pro bags under the seats along both the port and starboard sides. I typically don’t fill them because then I have to take all the gear out from under the seats. Same with the horse shoe bag in the bow, I usually don’t fill it. I try to leave to trim tab a 0 unless the kids are surfing cuz it mellows out and elongates the wave. It’s a bit more friendly that way for the kids.
  7. Infinity Surf, wow thanks for taking the time required for the lengthy reply. That is exactly what I needed! As you have suggested, I think I need to spend some time and play with weight distribution. Your wave looks awesome! Mine is a home made suck gate. I have moments when the planets align and the wave on both sides is amazing. I find that recreating those moments can be a bit of a black art... I definitely think its correlated to having heavy guys sitting on the back corner of the boat and a calm lake. i will also check my prop # to see what I'm running. It would be good to carry a spare prop and puller anyway.
  8. I have a 2014 Enzo Sv244 with the zr409. Currently I’m running a suckgate when surfing. I’ll typicsly fill both PNPs and the quickfills on the both sides. I leave the pro bags and bow bag empty and then put on the suck gate. The wave is good on the port side, especially if a couple men are sitting on that back corner. The wave on the starboard side isn’t quite as good but it’s ok. I was thinking of getting the GSA system. What I’m really looking for are ways to make the wave bigger. Not sure the GSA will actually make a bigger wave. My understanding is that it just helps with shaping it. Is this true? The other issue is the suck gate. The boat seems to be working much harder with it on. The rpm is about 600 higher at 11 mph with the gate vs. Without. Wondering if this is hard on the engine. It’s running around 3700 rpm. Would love to here any thought about using this system on an sv244. Cheers,
  9. I wonder if it’s coming In through the freshwater coolant the circulates through you starboard exhaust manifold. Perhaps it’s coming into the cylinder through the exhaust valves on that side.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll call my dealer and check. The low pressure pump was making some odd noises and not turning very fast either. Debating whether too change out both. It would be nice to know what these things sound like when they are in good condition. They have about 400 hrs on them.
  11. I was just reading about this Centurion Sheild Warranty for 5 years. Would my 2013 boat be covered under that, or is this something new?
  12. Thanks. It's a 2013 sv244. With a zr409. I'm not sure what closed cooling means ( closed cooling for the engine?). I would like to hook a volt meter up to the low and high pressure fuel pump electrical connections that are now unplugged (the ones that are on the boat side and not the fuel pump side). Just wondering, if I turn on the ignition, but not hit the starter motor button, should these electrical connections that go to each pump show a voltage? Or does the starter motor need to be cranking before these wires get power? I was thinking they should be getting power and therefore running the pumps when the ignition is turned on to pressurize the system before the starter button is pushed.
  13. Took both pumps out and hooked them to a12v source. The high pressure one was dead(no buzzing or spinning noises). I took a leap of faith and assumed both these pumps are powered by 12v. I can't think of why they wouldn't be.
  14. I check the fuse and fuel pump relay and they are both good. Both fuel pumps are easy to get to so I will check the secondary filter and high and low pressure pumps next

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