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  1. I have the same boat. Software update didn't help. Got a new screen under warranty. The new one is worse. Now having the screen wiring harness replaced as I'm not sure it's the screen as sometimes it will work perfectly. This is a common problem with this screen, the good news (I guess) is that by restarting the boat the screen issues usually go away. Also check your batteries and all the connections
  2. So did you get your screen sorted out?
  3. Update: no service yet, too busy using the boat! Anyway, I have found way less ghosting when using presets. One for surfing, one for cruising with no ballast. This has reduced my restarts to about one or two per 2 hour session. Still not happy about it, there is definitely something wrong. I have checked all connections to see if tight or corroded. I'm pretty sure it is not the screen itself but the wiring. Going to replace to harness on the back of the screen and see what happens.
  4. I believe Labrandon over on the Official Centurion Facebook page has a file on this
  5. Contact Roger Dory at Centurion. He will send you the 2 files. rdory@centurion-supreme.com There is a file for each screen. Put on brand new, separate USB drives. Do not alter the file names in any way. Under the dash you will find the USB ports, one for each screen. Update one at a time. Connect your USB, hold down the screen button when you press ignition. It will go into software update. Once done for the touch screen you'll have to go into dealer settings and select your model of boat. The dealer code is 91. Good luck,
  6. Install a Groco SSC and be done with it. Functions as a flush kit/winterizing adapter as well as an emergency bilge pump. Highly recommend https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?id=2755962
  7. Yep, 2015 FS33, first screen glitchy, now replacement screen even worse. Going for a third screen and wiring harness...thank god still under warranty
  8. 2020 Changes or Announcements?

    Everyone is over on Official Centurion/Supreme Owners Facebook group
  9. 2015 FS33. I'm on my second screen. Still having intermittent issues with ballast going off/on on its own. Possible that I got TWO bad screens? Or something else? Brand new batteries, both 100%. I still have warranty
  10. The issue is not the bracket but the fact that when you pull the dipstick out it immediately hits the stainless exhaust down tube!
  11. So I have a '15 FS33 new to me. Went to check trans fluid and I see this. WTH? Is it me or is there something wrong here? I cannot remove the dipstick as it hits the exhaust
  12. So I have a '15 FS33 new to me. Went to check trans fluid and I see this. WTH? Is it me or is there something wrong here? I cannot remove the dipstick as it hits the exhaust
  13. '15 fs33. Same issues. Screen non-functioning intermittently, other times works fine. Software update didn't help. Getting a replacement screen

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