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  1. Dead in the water again....

    Any updates on this issue? We are hoping the factory reps and engineers have something to say about this problem. I worry about this far more than I would like to admit while out on the water. I definitely don't want the problems which have been described in this thread.
  2. Dead in the water again....

    So, for those of you that have been dealing with and digging into this a little deeper. Is it safe to say that as long as the grab bar is not submerged while stationary there is no risk of this happening? Going to Powell in a couple weeks and I can't imagine how mad I will be if the trip is disrupted by this problem. We take the good with the bad I suppose. We absolutely love this boat so far. Hope it stays this way......
  3. I would like to publicly volunteer to test the 3163 prop on the xr7 powered 257 at 4500 and up for altitude. Anybody from acme reading this??? Sounds very interesting. We have the 16x13 now and I'm very confident it's going to be unnecessarily aggressive, even at the higher altitudes we frequently play. We picked up our 257 yesterday. Very Excited to hit the lake in this beast.
  4. Has anyone tried the 17x14 on the xr7 in a 257? With a h6 at low altitude? (Should be similar result). My dealer is saying that the 16x15 is fantastic at elevation for both motor configurations, but I would like some data/experience on the 17x14 before I settle in on the 16" wheel. In was hoping dealer would get it tested prior to our 257's delivery date but it is looking unlikely. Our boat will have the xr7 motor. Any info at all would be appreciated.
  5. If anyone out there with the xr7 has a chance to try out the 16x15.5, I would love to hear of the results. Our 257 is scheduled to spray next week. Getting pretty excited. Our dealer is saying the 16x15 is going to be tough to beat. But, I would love to lower the rpms as much as possible without entering the "lugging" zone. We run from an altitude as high as 6500' to as low as 3600 or so at Lake Powell.
  6. No prop burn. 143 hours of use. About half with this prop. Started with a 15", wanted as big as possible for better cruising speed and lower surf rpm. Mission accomplished. Yes, original prop angle.
  7. We are running the 2847 on our 2016 ri237. I have No complaints of significance. We are in Utah so we run 3500 elevation when at Powell and as high as 6500 or so at the mountain lakes we visit frequently. This prop yields about 3700 rpm for surfing with the rub rail within an inch or so above the water. For cruising at Powell, 25mph is about 3500 to 3600 rpm depending on load. Pretty good overall for such a heavy boat at elevation.
  8. Centurion Ri257 or 2017 G23

    Ordered one last night!!! Gunmetal and black.
  9. I have a brand new Ri237 that began having an issue starting once the engine is warm. It fires right up when cold, but after running it on the lake if you shut it down and then try to start again, nothing happens. It's like no signal at all is getting from the start button to the starter. It doesn't make a noise or try to turn over, but we have full power to everything else. We checked as many things and connections we could think of and couldn't find anything wrong. After waiting 5 to 20 minutes it magically seems to fix itself. The problem is that it seems to be repeating itself pretty consistently now every time the boat is warm. We have a big trip planned this weekend and don't think the dealer will be able to get it fixed in time and they weren't familiar with this problem. The boat has 80 hours on it and this issue started sometime after 70 hours. Anyone have experience with this issue or have any ideas?

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