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  1. Hi all. I have a 2014 sv226 and have noticed that my center ballast fills automatically (even if I don't fill it). Any ideas on what is wrong?  I assume a one way valve is broken. Would appreciate advice.

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    2. 2ndtimearound


      I installed Vented Loop Anti-Siphon Valves from Wakemakers.  stops the unwanted filling AND draining. 


    3. bryceh



      really appreciate the help. i had a look and a can't actually find how to access the forward ballast or where the pump for it is. There are two pumps right in front of the engine , just behind the gas tank but they are not running when the centre ballast is pumping out. It must be more forward  but do I need to remove the big plastic covering that is part of the floor directly above the gas tank? Sorry for my inexperience. Thanks again. 


    4. 2ndtimearound


      Are you doing check valves or anti siphon loops? Fit either one in engine compartment area.o