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  1. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Is that not a huge compromise on leg room? I also found on my old boat that with the sub (sealed) facing toward the rear/stern, the performance was not near as good as when it faced forward into the back of the bulkhead under the dash. It really came alive as it was using the full chamber to amplify the sound. I was able to make a mediocre sub and box sound better than most I hear on the water.
  2. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    I think that is looking real nice. I'll like the increased functionality of the tower and also looking forward to being able to hang my arm out of the starboard side of the boat. I can even out my farmers tan- left arm out the window when driving the car, right arm over the side when driving the boat. Speaker covers look decent...although would be nice if they were straight.
  3. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Supreme would cover the pump and they would hash it out with jabsco(if anyone cared to do that). I've never heard of an issue with running them that way and have run them for many years like that without issue, but I agree, why even put them like that in the beginning. Must be a space or routing issue.
  4. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Maybe my Boatmate is a little different but id say it was def two feet longer than my last trailer.(sport boat). I have to basically jack knife it into my garage so the tongue is important to me.
  5. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Valid points, however I think that trailer might be more functional. I thought the boatmate swayed more than a typical trailer. I attributed this to the high ride height of the boat on the trailer, which never does good things for stability. Also the tongue was ridiculously long, which adds in sway because the back of the trailer moves more back and forth for a given pivot on the hitch ball. Plus it is tougher to maneuver by some margin because of the longer tongue. Also since the boatmate rode so high, had to put my bumper in the water to get it off and the big deal killer was that it wouldn't fit in my garage or a few of my customer's garages. In contrast to you, I won't be buying a new trailer if it's on a boatmate, hahaha. Are the axles really higher capacity? There are not many options for torsion axles, so I would think they would be using the same ones. 2K, 3.5K and 5.2K is what I've generally seen. I figure everyone uses the 3.5K. ??
  6. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Whats wrong with the trailer?
  7. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    You are right, the 16 tower can clear the windshield, however where it bends at the base is still higher than the windshield by 7 inches, so that's the limiting factor. Still remains to be seen on the 17. I think the backward swoop will make rope management 1000x easier though. Worth the price of admission right there.
  8. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Cool, much appreciated. Yea, it looked like the trailer does not ride as high. Also the highest point is further forward,so when you drop the tongue it will lower more. Also the axle looked to be located further back thereby putting the fulcrum further away from the highest point, allowing all of the forward points to drop more as well. The amount of thought I have put into this is sad, lol. It's been a problem point with several customers as well, so if this is the solution that will be awesome. We still have several '16's in stock, so may be a little bit before we get a '17, however I may try to get my order in.
  9. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Not sure that qualifies for the $50 bounty, haha, but the one pic is appreciated. Definitely looks like they are trying to better accommodate us garage types.
  10. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Yup. Exactly. And keep the measuring tape totally vertical. Take pictures when they are not looking! lol. The overall package looks like it could be not quite as tall as last year. I need to get it in my garage and I'm real close. The electric blue color blends in with my floor, hot tub, accent wall and curtains real nice anyway. Ha.
  11. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    $50 to the first person who gets me a measurement and pic of the tower folded down on the trailer.
  12. WELCOME: Race City Marine - Newest Community Supporter

    Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I was with the previous company that sold supreme in the area too. Like you mentioned, they do a good business and take care of their customers from what I saw, but they just weren't dedicated to inboard boats, so it was always a challenge. Pontoon boats are 10X easier to sell than watersports boats, so from a business sense, can't really fault them. I (Todd) personally do part-time at race city, as I am the product expert in the Supreme area. My first boat was a Supreme V232 that I bought new from one of the dealers who's now on this site. Awesome boat without a lick of trouble from it. I made a few upgrades to it...little things like upgrading the plumbed ballast from 700lbs to 4,050 lbs, etc . So I know every inch of these boats and love the brand, so just naturally fell into working with them. Now I have a S238, which is sitting up on the dealership lot. I'm sorting through being able to put that in my garage uptown so I can have easy access to ride and do demos on Mountain Island and Wylie. The crew at Race City are awesome too. Matt, Lynette, Leif, Will, George (service mgr) are great to work with. They'd rather not sell you a boat than have to make a fib about it or have you buy something that doesn't work for you. We all live and work by Christian values, so that makes us a great business to work with whether you are Christian as well or not. Best of all we are 100% dedicated to inboards, so everyone knows their stuff. I can't wait to get out more on Wylie and get more people on these boats. They are truly a quality product that I can feel great about selling. I'm always pushing the limits of technology and performance so I love participating in boards like this. Though since I am representing the brand, I'll *cough* probably try *cough* to keep the boat *cough* in mostly *cough* stock condition *cough, hack, wheeze*. Um, yea. Take care and thanks for the welcome!
  13. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Hey now. I'm talking a minute or two here. I figured it would be somewhere under my profile or in the members section, not a store item per se. I was actually trying to be supportive before, but not sure if it came across that way. Maintaining this site I'm sure is a thankless job and it's pretty darn good imo. Yea, part time sales up there. I had an 07 V232 previously and put a bug in their ear about picking up Supreme when the brand was available. That was pre-correct craft, so funny how that worked out, since they already were a correct craft dealer.
  14. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    You just have to post from the taptalk app on your phone. Works great from there. I'll admit I was a bit frustrated trying to post and also find where to become a member. However whoever runs the site prob has very limited or no budget for programmers. Haha. Just an occasional member signing up to cover hosting fees. So, I'll let them live this time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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