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  1. Was a few years ago, but I think it was within a few feet of the paddlewheel. Might have had to take up the floorboard (annoying but not tough) or really reach in a tight space to get it.
  2. Cruise control

    This is if you want to upgrade to gps, which works way better.
  3. Supreme Boat Heights on Trailer?

    I'll need to scare up some pictures but... 2016 S238....Lowered trailer about 3 inches (had to raise fenders to get more tire clearance, put on 14'' wheels instead of 15'', took out shocks in tower so it could fold down lower then shaved a little off the pivot point to allow it to lower even a little more. Then also had to take the tires down to about 5psi, but wasn't bad because I had an airline fixed to the trailer for each wheel that would all combine into one, then was routed up to the drivers seat in my car, so I could let the air out from up there. Tires were filled back up from an air compressor via a central fill point on the trailer. Took maybe 5 mins to go from 5 to 60 psi on all tires. Bimini and boardracks...they were an issue. 2017 S238....Lowered trailer only about 2 inches, no fender or tire adjustment. Then I have to drop the tongue all the way to the ground...like ALL the way and use a trailer valet to wheel it in. Bimini and board racks are a problem again. However I don't have to let air out of the tires. I also had to jack knife a 90 degree turn and put it though a door that's 106" wide giving me 2 inches to spare on each side. Needless to say most people were quite impressed. However now I mostly keep it outside as I got a more local storage place and I have other projects in the garage.
  4. Supreme Boat Heights on Trailer?

    I routinely fit my '17 S238 and previously my '16 S238 under a 7' door. In and out take about 5 minutes. It will depend on which tower and which trailer. Some of the procedures, I'll warn you, are not for the faint of heart however.
  5. New Boat

    Sweet color combo
  6. Cruise control

    Yea, I don't think they switch up connectors in the boats very often, so they prob just haven't sold one specifically for your boat & year. However likely they have it. Send them a picture of the first connector you find that is coming out of your airmar triducer. You just have to trace the wire back. With luck you won't have to unscrew your floor, which isn't a big deal anyway.
  7. Cruise control

    This should work, used it on my 07 and 16 supremes. Worked flawlessly, cheap and plugs right in. http://www.nauticlaugic.com/nl4.html
  8. 2017 S238 rear ballast upgrade.

    I had 1000's in there, but it pushed in the divider, which I could have fixed but didn't have the time to fool with it, so I went back to the 750's. I have sacs under the seats as well, so decided I really didn't need the extra weight of the 1000's. The boat would struggle all loaded up. Oh yea, and I had lead. Anyway, I do have the 1000's for sale!
  9. Blistering

    Yea, always been my understanding that antfouling is bottom paint. Ugly if applied yourself. A good bottom paint job will cost thousands. Ceramic coating "wax" is supposed to be good stuff. Will it be a barrier against moisture, maybe. However based on what I've seen it will sure keep the hull of the boat much cleaner.
  10. Blistering

    People that do that either paint the bottom or their boat looks so crappy when it comes out you could never tell if there were blisters. Not letting a Fiberglass boat sit in the water without paint is like boat ownership 101. I️ know very few out of hundreds of nice wakeboats around me that are floated on the water all year.
  11. HELP choosing ballast bags for rear locker

    750's at least. However any more and you start running into issues with them pushing in the dividers.

    Yea, pattern match are nice. Put them right below the windshield and they look best, it's legal as well.
  13. Blistering

    Well no boat should be left in the water for any length of time without bottom paint. What's a "length" of time, who knows. I don't float mine for longer than two weeks typically. The warning is on the very front page of the manual, and is a typical guideline with fiberglass. Luckily, they are mostly just cosmetic.
  14. Blistering

  15. Should be two poles on that boat. Ones with white straps go in front, black in the back. Strap goes over the windshield.

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