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  1. Quicksurf Tuning

    To circle back on this - Surfed this weekend with new settings. Liked it more. Surf Left - Rear PnP 100%, Left Ram 100%, Right Ram 82%, Surf Tab 70, Stinger 45, bow 100%, no center. Also had the CATS at +25 and 120lb solid weight in transom and 80lb left locker shelf. Wave was longer and just as tall as the no-bow settings. Tons of push. I recovered a few times from 3-4 feet behind the start of the curl and I'm 190 lbs. Stinger at 35-55 can mellow or steepen this some, I'd guess. There were max 200 lbs of people on the boat while I was surfing. This is my favorite setup yet. I think the angle of the boat ends up about the same but it's just drafting a little more. Next weekend I'll likely play with the surf tab a little bit to see how the shape changes with that. Love the fact that this isn't surfgate with one button! Also - Prop is a 1235, 14.50x14.25 - Talking with my dealer and Spencer to spec something to drop RPM some. Looks like there's plenty of room to upsize on the 2017, so I might end up in a 15.00x15.75 or similar. Will see.
  2. Quicksurf Tuning

    Yeah, I thought so too. I'll have to get in the water and look at the prop this weekend. I meant to last weekend but I never got a chance. It would seem like it would have to be something pretty weird to be adding 400-600 RPM though, like a 13.5 x 14.5 or something silly like that. It's down 400 for every inch bigger and down 200 for every inch more pitch, right? I think I had a 1235 (actually a 1237) on the Malibu, but that was running way lighter than this boat. It just all struck me as odd because I had a chance to surf a Ri257 this weekend and that was running 3400-3600, so all of a sudden the 4000 didn't seem so right. I can surf 500' off my dock and our lake is 2 miles long. I really don't do much WOT. Fastest I get typically is draining the rams, and I rarely if ever get over 20 MPH.
  3. Quicksurf Tuning

    For reference, this is about what those settings did. If I had to guess, I'd say this was just a little on the higher side of the stinger tab settings. Knocking 2-3 off this would steepen it a little. The perspective is a little wonky but you can see the general shape and such.
  4. Quicksurf Tuning

    I've still been playing around with it this spring. This was the first weekend I had a chance to really experiment. This weekend, for a left side surf, where I ended up was: Rear PnP 100%, Left Ram 100%, Right Ram 80%, Surf Tab 65, Stinger from 65-75, no bow or center. Also had the CATS at +25 and 120lb solid weight in transom and 80lb left locker shelf. I think we spent the most time with the stinger around 68, but it seems to vary from run to run to get the wake I'm looking for. Super clean face. Loved the wake. Still need to play with CATS some more. Right side is way easier to get to look pretty. Ran that with both Rams full and higher (80-85) stinger, though that was only for our 12yo who weighs next to nothing, so she didn't need a ton of push, nor could she really comment on push. I plan to play around with bow weight vs. stinger. What I've seen (and it makes sense) is that as you add bow weight you bring the stinger tab down (we'd run 80% bow and 45 or so stinger) because essentially the bow weight is doing some of what the higher stinger does in flattening out the boat. I'm not sure which I like more yet, but I'm hoping to find out. To all - wondering what kind of RPM you're seeing on the Ri217. This setup is running about 4000 for me with the 409, which struck me as a bit high, but just wondering if that's normal.
  5. Stabil in fuel?

    What he said. Depends on the tune. The Indmar Monsoon 350 in the Malibu called for 89. I just always ended up using 93. The PCM ZR409 in the Centurion calls for 87 (and specifically approves up to E10, not that I'll stop Sta-Bil) so I'm now using 87. Helps offset the consumption difference between running loaded at 5,600 lbs and running loaded at 10,000lbs ...
  6. Stabil in fuel?

    I run Blue Sta-Bil at about a half ounce to 5 gallons during most of the year, and 1 ounce to five gallons through April and October when I'm using the boat less (or may end up having fuel that sits all winter). We have ethanol-free available, but it doesn't turn over very quickly. Personally, I'd rather use fresh E10 and Stabil than potentially stale E0. 550 hours over 5 years with the last boat (Malibu VTX) and it was fine - except, of course, for the fact that the fuel tank vent was in a stupid location and it got water in the vent line whenever I was heavily listed. Dumb design. Honestly I started using Sta-Bil when I had a carbureted I/O and used the boat less, but I consider it cheap insurance.
  7. Awesome! Thanks for all the input. I was sort of leaning toward below as it was - and with the photos I think I'm going to go that route.
  8. That's a great looking boat! I have no experience with Supremes (or particularly with their quicksurf) but I wonder if a relatively new surf family would be better off with a QS boat like one of those 238s rather than the initial 233. Ramfill or not, listing is a different beast, and is just more cumbersome than push-button. Also - I have to put a plug in for Pat at NWBS. He will shoot you straight and make life easy. He's awesome to work with, helped move our boat to us from over 3000 miles away, and made the process super easy. If you go pick it up, he'll also nail down all the surf settings for you and get you going right out of the box. Really great guy... Good luck!
  9. I did a quick search, but couldn't find the exact photos I was looking for... Where are people with Ri's putting their registration numbers? I never ordered numbers last fall, so I probably need to get some coming. I had "domednumbers" on my Malibu and I loved them, so that's the direction I'm going here. Problem is that for my boat, the decal location (at least above or below the rub rail) dictates color, so I need to give it a little forethought. I think if I went above the rail I'd do gray to try to squeeze them in the black, and if I went below the rail I'd do black, see photo. The Ri looks interesting in that it seems all the ridges would mess with placement. Any thoughts (or better, photos) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  10. Quicksurf Tuning

    All awesome information and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much! Can't wait to get out this weekend and start dialing it in!
  11. WTB - Ri217

    Should have better pics on the water after this weekend, but here she is. Purchased from NW Boat Sports in Oregon. Love the color combination and overall just really love the boat!
  12. Hey all - new to an Ri217. After she found her way from NW Boat Sports to central NC, we're finally getting to play around with the setup. One thing that I've been looking around for and can't find is general directional guidance on all of the little knobs on the boat. I'm assuming that the knobs have the same general effect on all of the boats (217, 237, 257) even if the sweet spot settings end up different. What I will says it it took me years to "perfect" my 2012 VTX (no surfgate), and I loved that wave. First surf on this one and I LOVED IT. Wave felt a little more mellow, which is great for my skim, but had insane push back to 20' off, for my 200# self. The width of the pocket that far back really impressed me, and I'm sure it's not optimal yet. So I guess to my question. My current setup for LEFT is Rams full, rear PnP full, Center 80, Center PnP 0, Stinger 30, Right tab 80, CATS -10. 120# steel in left locker. 80# steel in right locker. When tuning, what would I expect changes to do. (In other words, taller, longer, more lip, more mellow, etc): Increasing/decreasing the center tab will: Increasing/decreasing off surf tab will: More/less center weight (standard or PnP) will: Moving CATS more negative/positive will: If this is out there somewhere and I missed it via search, then maybe someone could point me in the right direction. One of the things that excites me the most about this boat was the ability to have lots of little fine knobs to craft the wave. Thanks!
  13. WTB - Ri217

    Thanks everyone! I think we're locked in on one that we're stoked about - bright side is it's only 3000 miles away. Excited to get it rolling this direction, though!
  14. WTB - Ri217

    Thanks! We're excited to get into one of these! We're located in central NC. Unfortunately we're on a 23'0" max LOA lake, otherwise the 237 would be on or list, but coming from a 20', the 217 will still feel huge! Thanks DS - I'll show that boat to the boss. Messaged you, Boardco. I'll also look into that GatorStep boat again. I think I saw it. Thanks again!

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