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  1. Got to demo a 257! (video)

    2 ppl on boat since I was on the water. Bow 25% full. Ram 100/95. Full PnP in the back only. 250 lead front bow, 300 each back locker. Speed 11-11.2 pending current. Cat -20. Surf tab 80. Stinger 60. For 360’s it’s a nice wave and it was about 3 ft high so Med size skim.
  2. Got to demo a 257! (video)

    Good question and idk but it’s very far back, 25’ rope is way out of reach. We use to go taller but like it longer now. On Sunday we got it even longer! I did stay on the wake and have it on video to prove I survived it! The 257 has crazy push. The first post pic my wife was sitting on the boat by the glove box. So not a really weird angle. Second photo (one just posted) she was behind the caps chair standing up.
  3. Got to demo a 257! (video)

    3 people, 800lb of lead only on a 257. It took @chowder2016 and I a good season to dial her in perfectly but we finally got it. Every boat, water channel, altitude, etc. is so unique you have to find your right settings. 257 is the best wave around! I was surfing behind the wave that far back all day last Sunday.
  4. WAVEZILLA !!!

    257's are beasts! Same setup and we don't even go over 3200 RPM's. We had 1250 of wake ballast bags but took out 250 from the bow so now we only run 250 in the bow.
  5. 50lbs bags of lead

    Steal and more importantly, only WAKE BALLAST brand! They are amazing to work with and take care of you.
  6. 2018 ri237/ri257 changes

    What's up with the new "surf" logo on the RI's?!? That black out S is pretty bad. I've seen two boats already with this new logo. 🤢
  7. 50lbs bags of lead

    You have a center tank, yes? We put 250 of lead and fill up the center about 25-30% pending water conditions. 375 lead both in both lockers under the PnP bags.
  8. 50lbs bags of lead

    1,000 is the perfect number. Use 250 for the bow
  9. 50lbs bags of lead

    @chowder2016 has some wake ballast 50lb bags he could sale you and ship over. Only slightly used.
  10. Latest Video from Centurion Boats

    That is one sexy boat!
  11. RI 257 hour meter operation

    Only when engine is on. What we do is turn engine off and ignition off to say battery life while chilling blasting the music. No point to have the screens turned on while beached or anchored out.
  12. Don Pedro Lake - August 5

    I didn't name the event!
  13. Don Pedro Lake - August 5

    Sorry for the double post everyone! When I was hitting submit post, it froze on me.

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