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  1. Actually it has me thinking of adding something between the seat and fiberglass riser. It may even allow it to rotate?  Hmmmm

  2. the other possibility is to use a "screen" that is already out there. Have a connection/receiver for an iPad. Pretty much everyone has one and it can be replaced easily. Issue is that iPads cannot take the boat environment (water/heat) and there will be issues.
  3. I think we are being tricked by that rear center seat that moves forward and the camera angle. I compared it to a view of my old 21' Elite and the distance from the front of the rear center seat to the storage area is similar. It looks like there is less width between the rear seats than in my boat. Hard to tell in the photo but the helm area looks shorter so they may have gotten some length there.
  4. Probably ~21' 6" since the Ri237 is 23' 6" though some places they say it is 23' 7". I had thought that Fineline would let Supreme handle the smaller/cheaper boat market but this most likely means Centurion will have a well contented shorter boat. On my little lake a 24' boat is just way too big.
  5. But who is the supplier? Is it spradling and what series if it is?
  6. My son saw a 2015 Supreme with the carbon vinyl and loved it so we are going to redo the 2000 with it. Found out that the bright blue Carbono material is not available to the public because it is a "Prostock" material. OEM only I guess. There must be a way of getting it though for repairs. Do the dealers have a way to order it? We are using it for accents. CRO074536 The other colors are from their Carbon series and available. Should I call Supreme?
  7. Any idea what the "comfort strong" is? Not a spradling marketing name as far as I can f
  8. Could you find out what they are using for the large areas in the new boats? Info should be available for repair purposes to a dealer
  9. I am only basing this on the accent color. Blue or orange or whatever. Centurion uses the Gemini vinyl and supreme uses the carbono(looks like carbon fiber). The base vinyl could be whatever.
  10. Interior vinyl is Spradling Gemini, same as last years. http://spradlingvinyl.com/catalog_colors/Gemini/GEM-2568%20Electric
  11. Maybe we are getting model years confused but the current boats at the dealers use spradling soft side vinyl. They are advertising spradling soft side on the new boats. So I think they are using the same vinyls for both. Supremes also used the same stuff this current year I am basing this on the samples I received from spradling and looking at current boats. I have not seen a 2016 but they are saying it is the spradling stuff.
  12. I tried but because I have not owned a Supreme it will not let me
  13. Nate, go you know what kind of vinyl your boat used? They are using and marketing spradling brand which is what my upholstery shop uses. Is that what you had issues with?
  14. CREW DEAL: 2015 DECKadence Marine Flooring

    What is the timing for these? Summer is here!

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