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  1. I'm currently in a MCX24. Really like it, but dealer change has me considering a Centurion. I owned one about 10 years ago. Can you tell me what other brands you considered and why you settled on the Ri245? Did you consider F series, or Tige? Just curious. Thanks!!
  2. I had the ezthruster installed aftermarket, and it is a HUGE time saver. Without question, the best investment that I've ever made and will never be without them again. Now, I'm in Texas where it gets window, so when we have a new rider in the water, the boat can be quickly blown out of position. The thruster allows me to super quickly get the boat back in position without dragging the rider. Also, on picking up a rider, you just need to get boat in vicinity and then thrust away. I just can't explain how much time these save. When my wife is pulling me and lets the boat literally get perpendicular to me, i can direct her with a thruster and the boat quickly gets into shape. Seriously, get it and you won't regret it. I promise.
  3. The x23 surfs a lot better than my sv233, but that may be because i just didn't have my sv233 set up right. I always had difficulty surfing without a rope on my sv233, but the x23 was very easy at the push of a button - again this was likely user error. I was considering the FS, but there were a few things i really liked about the X23: (1) my son surfs goofy, and set up b/w goofy and regular was really easy, (2) not knocking Centurion - it is a great boat - but I don't think they should be priced same as Mastercraft (at time i purchased my X, Centurion did not have 5 yr warranty), (3) my centurion's software failed me while running full ballast and i couldn't empty my tanks - MC has redundant manual switching, (4) instrumentation didn't automatically dim at night, which mean i had to cover instruments with towel - and no manual switches for lights, which is a pain while driving at night, (5) really like the mc dealer. That said, i think centurion can address all of these issues in time and I definitely would prefer having ramfill.
  4. 2008 Yamaha 2010 Regal 24 Fasdeck 2012 SV233 2016 Mastercraft X23 (current ride)
  5. 2016 G23 Ride vs 233

    That's true. I neglected to mention fact that build quality, layout and storage was much better on g23. tons of deep storage. If centurion wants to have an equivalent price, they need to up their game on quality
  6. 2016 G23 Ride vs 233

    Have you driven the FS33? If so, how does it compare to the G23? The wave on the G23 was out of this world, but that drive out to the surf spot was a beating. I'm an old man, so I would be willing to compromise surf wave for a better ride, however, a primary motivator for new boat is to get something easier for my wife to handle while the boat is weighted. My leaning sv233 is a challenge for her. The G23 was incredible while weighted. Thinking maybe FS33 is a good balance? Need to still drive an X23 too.. .
  7. I have a SV233 and have been looking at other surfboats. I took my boat out on my lake (which is a very rough lake) last weekend, and when i returned to the marina, they were demoing the 2016 G23. Of course, i immediately grabbed the dude and took it for a spin. This is no exaggeration... the ride was absolutely horrific in comparison to my sv233. I mean awful. Aside from being very rough, the boat seemed to porpoise over chop rather than cut through it as my boat. However, once we got to a cove and dialed up the wave it did have an unbelievable surf wave. I fooled around with it for awhile and was thinking that the ride may be worth the incredible wave... until the ride back. Has anyone else had this experience?
  8. Sumpreme 238 on its way to AZ!

    Centurion is not the only one pumping a "game changer".... GAME-CHANGING At Nautique Boats, we celebrate a 90-year history of innovations that have changed watersports. Our boats have created the opportunity to turn dreams into reality truly challenging us to pursue more. We have made history never settling for simply the best of today. We are driven to once again deliver enhanced design, and new technologies that drive us forward setting the pace with everything these game-changing boats will continue to become. LAUNCH PARTY DETAILS 7:30PM to 8:30PM - Meet-n-Greet at the Chevrolet Experience (parking lot adjoining Stubb’s) FREE food/refreshments will be provided 8:30PM to 9:00PM - Launch Event (Stubb’s Amphitheater) 9:00PM to 10:00PM - FREE concert featuring Tameca Jones, presented by Nautique Boats (Stubb’s Amphitheater) 10:00PM to Midnight - The JL Audio Experience After Party (Stubb’s Amphitheater) If you can't catch the live event, WATCH THE LIVE WEBCAST starting at 8:15PM gamechanger.nautique.com Check back for more game-changing information, or sign up to receive more updates and an exclusive VIP pass to the launch event. DEMO DAY DETAILS Join us after the launch on 7.17.15 to experience the #gamechanger first hand! Sign up at Sail and Ski to reserve a spot at one of two demo days we will be hosting. We will be at Lake Austin on Saturday July 18th and at Lake Travis on Sunday July 19th with Team #Nautique athletes for an experience you won't forget!
  9. Sumpreme 238 on its way to AZ!

    In Texas, it is only illegal if "no seating is provided." Mastercraft solves that issue. When my 7 yr old is in the water, my wife wants to be perched back there regardless of whether the boat is moving, so this would be a real problem solver for me.
  10. Sumpreme 238 on its way to AZ!

    This is what I was referring to. haven't seen anyone else do it, and the way we use our boat, they would be the most popular seats in the house!
  11. Sumpreme 238 on its way to AZ!

    I think Mastercraft nailed it with their interior layout of the X23, and I am anxious to see whether either the Centurion or Supreme adopted the aft facing bench and/or lounge seating.
  12. Wondering if anyone has seen this? http://www.themalibucrew.com/forums/index.php?/topic/55033-southern-surfest/ Seems like a pretty objective review.
  13. Sumpreme 238 on its way to AZ!

    I completely agree with this. Definitely prefer actual switches to touchscreen and would rather have real gauges than digital gauges. Keep it simple.
  14. Ha! I hear ya, and I'm workin on it! Still, it would be great if she could just "set it and forget it."
  15. ok, I've gone to menu and can't find any way to regulate pull. Any chance someone can post a screenshot of that setting? Thanks!!

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