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  1. Tex: Wow!! Thank you for all that instruct and info!! Extremely helpful!! I'll get my boat friend to help me...
  2. The boat is stored on flat ground(the street). I will try to tighten all the hoses before our next outing, and see if that makes a difference at the launch. If not, then it must be a carburetor issue, cuz I have two batteries that I'm running, that show the right amount of voltage. I'll also try 3 cranks before turning the key on, and see if that makes a difference. I bought it this last March from a guy who knew nothing about boats, haha, and had almost everything replaced or fixed on the boat! I bought it for $13K, which was a steal, cuz he had all the interior and upholstery redone, new tower with full sound system, new impeller and engine worked on, whole new prop and assembly, etc etc. He put more moneyinto the boat than it's value...it was like getting a new boat!
  3. First it sounds like it's trying to turn over, like it keeps cranking and cranking(like the sound of trying to start an old muscle car). This is after I have either not initially pumped the throttle before starting it, or pumped the throttle once in neutral. My friend has the same boat, and he said "give it two pumps of the throttle before starting it"! So that doesn't work! Then other times I don't pump the throttle at all before initially trying to start it. Either way doesn't start it, but it keeps cranking trying to turn over. Then after all that nonsense, it will act like it's going to turn over, and turn on for a moment, then die. So then I crank it again, and it's turning on, but sounding like it wants to die(like someone coughing something out), so I try to rev it in neutral, and it still dies. Then after a couple of tries of that, I end up flooding it, then it smells like gas. So then I wait a moment, and try like two more cranks of the engine, then it starts! It's kind of embarrassing at the ramp, cuz there's guys around me looking. lol
  4. Every time I take my '99 ski centurion D-Drive out to the launch, it takes forever for it to turn over, and a couple of times I ended up flooding it! Is it because it has sat for like 1-2 weeks, or is it the steep angle of the ramp causing it to do something to a gas line? IDK... Anyone with the same or similar boat have this issue? Thereafter, the boat runs good for the day and starts up fast each time.
  5. Sunday Funday

  6. I had just got a 1999 Elite Air Warrior and it started to do the the "beep" thing. I just took the damn thing in! And it turned out that the fuel pump was bad and wasn't supplying enough pressure, so the sensor was being set off. So if all your levels are good and nothing is overheating, and the beeping is driving you nutz...check the damn fuel pump! End of story

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