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    I'm pretty sure It's the 90 amp fuse on the starter. I put the tester on the cable side and got 12v. Put the tester on the other side with the nut and got zero's. The stereo not working was throwing me off but that ended up being a 10amp fuse on the back of the deck. Picking up a fuse from the dealer tomorrow and we'll see what happens.
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    As long as it fits, I don't think there's a wrong one. If you don't like it, you can send it back and pick the other. Best of luck. Your boat is sharp. Mine is opposite colored.
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    My cousin purchased the kit that we put on my 1993 Falcon when we were doing the restore a couple of years ago. I sent him a text to see if he could recall which one he purchased. He has not responded yet, but I think I've found the link to one that looks like what we put on my boat. You just need to make sure that the measurements match up. Here's the link: Rub Rail Kit

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