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  1. I'm pretty sure It's the 90 amp fuse on the starter. I put the tester on the cable side and got 12v. Put the tester on the other side with the nut and got zero's. The stereo not working was throwing me off but that ended up being a 10amp fuse on the back of the deck. Picking up a fuse from the dealer tomorrow and we'll see what happens.
  2. I have wiggled and checked the throttle. I haven't checked the starter I don't really know how how to, but I did check for power at the starter and the fuse box. I'm getting 12 volts at both locations. I'm not getting any power reading at the ignition switch or the kill lanyard. I'm pretty sure the ignition runs off a relay not a fuse so I'm replacing that today when it comes in. I checked continuity through the ignition and the kill lanyard and bypassed the kill lanyard. Seems like a relay or a fuse that I'm missing.
  3. I have a 2007 Centurion Elite V C4. When connecting the secondary battery I crossed the cables, made a spark. Hooked everything up correctly, reset the breaker in the battery compartment and the 50amp on the motor. I hadn't tried starting it before the incident so I don't know if it's the cause. Turned the key and nothing, no gauges, no fuel pump noise no click. Blower, lights, bilge, ballast, horn all work and the light on the stereo toggle lights but no stereo. Checked the fuses under the dash, all good. The 50amp breaker seems floppy when I reset the lever and I plan to replace it. Is there any other fuses in the engine compartment that I'm missing? Oh the blower works but the blower toggle switch light doesn't light up. I'm going to replace the ignition as well. What am I missing? Any ideas? Thanks!

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