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    Been wanting to build some wall racks for my surf boards for about a year, and now that I have a dedicated boat garage I finally got around to making them. Designed it to hold 5 boards. I put together the surf board supports 2 separate nights (top 3 the first night and bottom 2 the second night). It evolved a bit the 2nd night and I am going to revise the top ones to match the bottom sets since it looks a lot cleaner and the racks did not need to be so long. First few I did at 30" long, mostly cause I bough 60" pieces of 1" PVC and just cut them in half, I did the others @ 24" and also did end differently and they turned out a lot better. Pretty simple design, used 2x4 as the base and drilled 3/4" holes into it and used a 45 degree PVC angle fitting on the 1" PVC pipe and then glued/screwed them into 2x4 to hold them in place securely. PVC is then covered in foam pipe insulation and I also put some strips of adhesive foam insulation over the face of the 2x4's to protect the boards since they rest against it due to how I did the angle. I have 13ft ceiling in the boat garage, and placed the wall rack high enough so after I back the boat into garage after surfing, I can just put the boards back into the racks from inside of the boat without having to climb in/out with them. Anyway, figured I would share the pics, I know I like looking at pics when others post DIY stuff, I have gotten a lot of ideas from seeing stuff like that. Just broke out the wet suits, supposed to be in the 20's next week, usually we ride till Thanksgiving just been raining a lot lately in this area making it kindof dreary.

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