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  1. Enzo SV230 Swoop Tower with Bimini


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I swapped my tower out to fit it in our garage. The tower is in good shape and comes with it's custom Bimini (black). Tower is originally for a 2005 Enzo SV230. There are 2 racks and a 4 speaker sound/light bar also available .


  2. Hoping someone can identify what brand my tower is from these photos. 1999 Elite vdrive bow rider. I can't find any markings on it. As you can see the cover doesn't fit properly. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have an 05 avalanche with the proflight swoop tower. Where can I find the plastic white piece that swivels that's part of the tower's rope pylon assembly. I've seen various ones on greatlakesskipper, bakes, and wholesale marine, etc but can't seem to find an exact match. Also has anyone replaced theirs with a billet aluminum piece that swivels? Thanks
  4. Our 2009 Elite V C4's "tribal" style tower was badly bent after being left in the boat lift while it was raising. The top half of the tower was badly damaged. The lower half of the tower that connects directly with the boat is relatively unharmed. Finding the same tower has proved impossible since tower designs have changed drastically since then. I have contacted most OEM and aftermarket tower makers with no success. I am looking into what all is involved in removing the lower half of the tower, repairing the fiberglass from the original mounting points, and installing a more modern tower with only 2 mounting locations (as opposed to 4 with the tribal). I am looking for suggestions regarding this process or other avenues of taking this repair. Thanks for any input!
  5. Hello all, I have a 2015 S21 that does not have any board racks or speakers mounted on the tower. What speakers and racks with which adapters work with the built in mounting points on the stock tower? It seems like the rear rack mounting points will support a swivel-type rack. Are the speaker mounts the same as MasterCraft towers? It looks like the Wet Sounds MC-11 adapters might work. I'd like to use the existing mounting points, rather than clamps. Thanks.
  6. Repaint Tower

    Hello everyone. I've got a 2013 FX22, and the Aegis tower is showing some wear and tear. From my understanding, it is a black anodized aluminum tower. It has some fading and some pretty big scuff marks/gouges from the Bimini bars rubbing on it while trailering. Has anyone repainted or powder coated a tower? I would love to hear some thoughts on this. Thanks in advance for your time.
  7. I am looking to upgrade my sound. When I bought the boat, I wasn't too concerned. I bought the stock stereo etc. Now the kids want some tunes while they surf. There are no dedicated marine audio centers but a few RV audio centers that dabble in marine here in Northern Utah. I wouldn't mind doing it myself or getting help from a car audio place. My dealer no longer carries Centurion. Centurion dealer 1.5 hours away has a great reputation but has not communicated well on the few repairs they have done. They have done a nice job but there seems to be wall that stops communication between the front end and the service center (maybe unfair criticism on my part). My data: 2014 Centurion SV233, Gladiator Tower, stock Clarion M303 stereo (usb and bluetooth work well), 4-stock speakers (possibly 6 inch?) Questions: 1. Can an amp simply be plugged into the back of my stereo, mounted, and then run to new tower speakers? What Amp? Where would the power come from? Would my stock speakers still run off of the stereo. 2. People are raving about "Rev 10's" on this site. The videos and comments are fantastic. They look HUGE. They seem so wide. I was hoping to have some that are a bit less physically intrusive (more head room). How would a pair of Rev-8's be on underside, laterally, on the gladiator tower? Would they fit on this mounting area? Would they have acceptable fidelity? Any other suggestions?
  8. Hey, I can't find my tower brand/model for my 2005 Centurion Cyclone C4 (bought the boat used a few years ago and the previous owner said it came with the tower installed). I have looked everywhere for pics of towers that look like mine and can't seem to find any! The tower does have a sticker on the top that says "CYCLONE" but that is it. Attached are a few pics of it. Any help figuring out what tower I have would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I recently purchased this boat this summer, it didn't have any tower speakers. So this past weekend I got my 4 rev 8's, gladiator tower adapters and x-mounts/brackets. The instructions to install are terrible. Has anyone ever installed wetsounds tower speakers with the gladiator adapter and x-mount. I'm totally lost and Any help is much needed!!!
  10. I have a centurion SV233 and I would like a boom that fits it well. The tower is the Aegis. The tower mounts so securely that It is hard to imagine that a boom would not work well with it. Any ideas?
  11. I have a 2008 Enzo SV230 with the skylon double up tower. Boat came with the Sony head unit with built in amp powering the in boat speakers and a remote mounted on the driver console. My first issue, whenever I hit a wave or small bounce (I am not slamming into wakes), everything turns off and comes back on. I am assuming loose connection somewhere but has anyone had this issue and solved it? #2 Just got a great deal on Roswell Vamp Pro Spin speakers and a Rockford Fosgate 5 Channel M600 Amp. Speakers have LED lights in them. My first thought was to install them to the sub channel but I have been thinking that might become very annoying. My second thought was to add a switch somewhere so I could choose always on or powered by sub. I will also be installing a secondary battery with Perko switch. I have been reading as much as I can on this set up but am a little confused on a few points. I would like to have volume control over in-boat and tower separately. I am on a very tight budget but I also don't want to waste money by buying cheap quality and having to replace in the next year or two. I got the 5 channel amp so that I could add a sub next year and hope to continue adding to the boat each year. Can anyone walk me through (treat me like an infant on this one) how to set this up? If there is a thread that already covers this, direction to that thread would work as well. Thank you in advance for all your help.
  12. The boat is an 07 Avy, but even the dealer I took it to is unable to determine the tower model. The fixed mount racks barely clear my lift canopy pillars when docking/departing, and it's like threading a needle to land the thing on the lake with boat chop and wind. I want to buy a swivel/hinge set-up so I can either retract them up or inward, but I am pretty sure some of these mounts are tower model specific. If any of you veterans can identify the Tower model/tube diameter, it would be greatly appreciated. I would also like your suggestions to a swivel/hinge that my current racks could mount to. Thanks!
  13. I need help from anyone that has tried this or has any ideas. I have a 2008 Centurion Enzo. I actually haven't even put it in the water yet but I had to put the tower down to get it in my garage. I will have to do this every time I put the boat away to fit in my lift. It seems as if I have to unscrew completely four knobs to allow the tower to fold. I know from experience that this is an accident waiting to happen and one of those knobs is going to be dropped and sink to the bottom of the river. Has anyone done any modifications for a quick release set up? I doubt it is possible since the holes are threaded and I don't want anything rattling while moving but I figured this would be the best place to ask. I will post pictures as soon as the boat is on the water and cleaned up. Thanks,
  14. Need a video camera that with take snap shots, video, tie into touch screen, mount to tower and move to mount on transom, and record a continuous loop to capture cool tricks (if I land any). anyone got any advice for me?
  15. Hi everyone - new to the site and excited to be taking delivery of our first Centurion boat (2015 SV233) early next week. Comes with the new Maximus tower that can be lowered for storage, but I am wondering if there are reasons why people don't drive with the tower down? I hate cleaning off all the bugs so looking for a way to try and avoid if at all possible. Any feedback is much appreciated!
  16. Can any of you all help me out. I have a 2007 Avalanch C4 with an unknown tower. I have searched all over the tower no numbers or manufacture name. Would be helpful to know when ordering mounts for wetsounds. Thanks.
  17. I have an '05 V Drive Ski Centurion with the factory tower (1 7/8" diameter). I am looking for the factory tower speaker enclosures. PM me if you have a set you want to sell. See the picture below of what I am looking for.
  18. I just bought a used 2005 Elite V C4 with a tower. I've been trying to figure out which tower I have so I can order a cover. Boat is shrinkwrapped, don't wanna open it up until I have the cover in hand. I've tried to get help from Centurion, but they don't have the tower model for my Boat serial on file. Anyone on here think they can identify the tower by the pics? Thanks, much appreciated.
  19. I have liked my decision so much, i have decided to share my experience with all of you! After hours of research, I decided to go with a pair of Exile Audio's XM7, swivel mount tower speakers. It just seemed to make sense to go with speakers that you could EASILY remove from the tower and stow inside, preventing weathering and theft. This company had solid customer service as well. Somehow, our wakeboard rope managed to wrap around the speaker mount before pulling someone up. Once we propelled forward, the weight of the wakeboard rider yanked the speaker mount out of its socket, completely destroying one connection. I sent an email to exile audio and within one hour i got a response that they would replace the mount at no cost. One week later, the mount arrived. They even payed for shipping! Thanks Exile! http://exileaudio.co...er-speaker.html *Video above are incredibly similar to the ones from Exile. Just wanted to show the ease and the concept of swivel speakers

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