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DECKadence Marine Flooring

DECKadence Marine Flooring is specifically designed for the marine industry, this durable product is extremely comfortable to walk on and the anti-microbial ingredient within the product prevents mildew and associated odors. The half inch thick coated fibers repel most liquids that stain traditional carpet including engine oil and other staining agents, so staining is a thing of the past. This “flow-through” material is easy to clean and has a patented non-slip backing which allows it fit snug from one side of the boat to the other with no need for snaps.
DECKadence Marine Flooring is located in the Vancouver area of Canada and is currently in the development stages of a US facility. Currently they ship to all points from their Canada manufacturing facility. They are a customer and service driven company with years of experience in manufacturing, distribution, logistics and understand that when you elect to purchase a quality product for your boat, you expect (and deserve) the same quality in your business dealings.


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