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Dock, Fender & Anchor Lines

All Lines are American made with the very best quality solid braid polypropylene line. Lines come with CenturionCrew.Com stacked logo at the base of the pre-spliced loop. Each line has a built in memory making them easy to case/coil without kinking. Below are some of the characteristics and benefits of solid braid polypropylene:

  •     Floats and less likely to get caught in propeller
  •     UV Protected so Dock Lines will not fade in the sun
  •     Do not absorb moisture
  •     Ropes remain soft
  •     Will not dry out and become brittle or rough
  •     Can be stored wet and will not rot or mildew
  •     Resistant to oils, grease, and saltwater

Using a Line with a pre-spliced loop allows your crew to quickly prepare for docking, safely mooring your boat to the dock with minimum effort.


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