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  1. 2014 Centurion FX 44 first time out this year. Ram fill says it’s filling but they are not. On the lift I put it in trailer mode and when opening and closing I hear nothing. Weird the trim tab does nothing and blower too. Worked when I put it away. I do not take batteries out for storage just put tenders on them inside my shop. Lastly the shop replaced my O2 sensor at the end of the season. Any ideas folks. Thank you
  2. So I replaced my stock Sprinkler valves with Irritrol 2400 Valves that are 24V. I have really good flow out of one of them but the other is not nearly as good. Pulled the filter and the flow is strong there so clearly a valve. They open and close when they are suppose too. Bleeder valves are closed and the manual control is set to off which is clockwise. Any other ideas? Thanks
  3. Could I bolt a piece onto the wing? Would you bolt or weld it to the bottom vs the top so the ridge does not create splash? Thanks
  4. Thanks Shaka. Glad someone else has had the same problem. My wiring is super clean and not a factor. The angle is not quite flush with the hull is is slightly tipped up but maybe could go up a hair more do you think? There is about a 1/4 to half inch gap from the wing to the boat? Could that pick up spray? Thanks again for your help.
  5. Just installed my new wake plate and the goofy side is awesome but the regular side has an abnormal amount of spray. It is built exactly like the factory A Plate that screws to the bottom of the hull.
  6. I also am in Edmonton and would get one.
  7. Anyone able to tell me where to purchase one or is someone on the forum making them? Thanks
  8. Ok the pump failed so I need a new pump. I have a water puppy 18220-2123 has that pump been subbed to a different number or is it still commonly found? Thanks
  9. LOL Saw that after I hit post. Checked fuses and they are all good. I know the pump works because I have 2 fill buttons for port and starboard sides and one works on each side. Weird that one off each side goes at once?
  10. Broken swim platform bracket

    Mine broke too. Had them rewelded and work great now
  11. Sorry. They both empty even though they don't fill
  12. Pumps have worked fine all year. Now the one port switch does not fire up the pump to fill and one starboard does not turn the pump on to fill. It's weird because one port and one starboard does work. Boat is a 2008 Enzo 230.
  13. Are they located under the floor or closer to the engine
  14. For some reason when I fill my SB side the port side is filling now? Never had this issue before and I have not touched a thing over the winter?

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