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  1. First what color is the fluid If it’s red it’s the transmission if it’s brownish it could be your V Drive. Also check fluid levels in both
  2. Nacimiento

    NIck Am glad you and your family were safe
  3. Nacimiento

    On Saturday I was going to the boat in the water but it was 107 at my house and Sunday 104. To hot to be on the water
  4. Trim Tabs

    I did add a short wing on the other side too (see the back of my boat
  5. Trim Tabs

    I found it!! This is for a stationary plate, but I notice on new boats they have a wing on each side of the plate. This has cleaned up my goofy wake a lot
  6. Trim Tabs

    There was a thread on the plate and the measurements and the angle of the wing. I am going to say it was about 4 years ago, but I'll look at my boat file to see if i still have and if I do I'll post to you
  7. Nacimiento

    I didn't have time to put my boat in the water last weekend, But we were in the water every day on the 4th of weekend. Maybe on the this weekend and the water is so clean and nice
  8. Nacimiento

    Yes I am there almost every weekend. The lake still looks great plenty of water and it's 65% full

    That Looks like the bracket that holds the night Nav light pole and there should be 2 of them
  10. Trim Tabs

    I replaced mine that looked like yours with a new style at the time about 3 or 4 years ago. I should of had it hinged and put the hydraulic Lenco actuators. I bought the Lenco afterward and was going to change it, But never got around to doing it. Just doing the new plate changed the wake to be clean on each side
  11. How Bad is it? If it's just faded out and the rest is OK then sand it down and apply some good teak oil and it will come back to life again. I have an 2005 Enzo with the teak wood platform and I keep teak oiling every year a month before summer starts and it still looks like the day I bought my Boat. Sometimes I have oiled it even after the season was over.
  12. Great looking tower and set up
  13. Found out on Friday that the shaft carrier Housing also is cracked but the shaft is straight
  14. Well brought the Boat to the Boat Doc today and he showed me that I also bent the Ruttier. Has this ever happen to anyone else. I have no idea what that going to cost

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