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    That Looks like the bracket that holds the night Nav light pole and there should be 2 of them
  2. Trim Tabs

    I replaced mine that looked like yours with a new style at the time about 3 or 4 years ago. I should of had it hinged and put the hydraulic Lenco actuators. I bought the Lenco afterward and was going to change it, But never got around to doing it. Just doing the new plate changed the wake to be clean on each side
  3. How Bad is it? If it's just faded out and the rest is OK then sand it down and apply some good teak oil and it will come back to life again. I have an 2005 Enzo with the teak wood platform and I keep teak oiling every year a month before summer starts and it still looks like the day I bought my Boat. Sometimes I have oiled it even after the season was over.
  4. Great looking tower and set up
  5. Found out on Friday that the shaft carrier Housing also is cracked but the shaft is straight
  6. Well brought the Boat to the Boat Doc today and he showed me that I also bent the Ruttier. Has this ever happen to anyone else. I have no idea what that going to cost
  7. Thanks Guys, I am going to call my prop guy in Washington and tell him what we talked about and see what he can do
  8. I usually send my bent props to Tacoma Props in Washington. So if I tell them I need the pitch change, what do I tell them?
  9. I just looked at Amazon and the 1631 is a .150 cup for $509.09 and the 1579 is a .105 cup for $487.35 ... My question since my boat is an 2005 with 2 side hard tanks and 2 Enzo sacks in the rear storage compartments I wondering which would be better? Oh does those prices sound right to you guys?
  10. Are those props still 13.5 in Diameter?
  11. Lake Naciemento

    Hi Nick we'll be Las Tablas cove and tied up two a couple of pontoon boats, we'll see you there
  12. For those of you that go to Lake Naciement Just wanted to let you Know that is up to 85% full and looks beautiful
  13. Took the boat out on last Saturday driving in the 5 mph zone heading to see a waterfall at lake Naciemento. Cruising along in about 15 ft deep water than beeper goes off and hit a large area of 4 ft deep rocky solid plate shelf about 30 ft wide and 50 ft long . Lucky I didn't bent the prop to bad just the edges a little. I put the spare one on (817) and ready to ship it off the bent one to get repaired, But i was thinking IF there is a better prop out from what I have now. I believe I have an 817 and the other bent one 537. My boat is an Enzo 230 2005 and we use to wake board and surfing. What would you recommend?
  14. The Loud BEEP of death

    I had just service the boat before we went out last season. We figured a seal must have went out. I have my old Vdrive and some day I'll open it up and see if could rebuild it

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