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  1. I purchased a used '05 Cyclone back during the spring.....does anyone here know the size/weight of the center factory ballast? I have tried to find this information online with no luck. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Staticbags - I have an '05 Cyclone with most likely the same gauges. My tach also doesn't work and is part of a multifunction gauge as you described. I called Faria and plan to send it in for repairs when the weather turns cold. $125.00 gets the gauge repaired along with a 3 year warranty.
  3. Ok.....so I pulled the trigger yesterday on a Carver Bimini through The Savvy Boater site. Fingers crossed that it works out with a "No Return" policy. Will advise when it arrives.
  4. One word....."AWESOME"!!
  5. Thanks prorider, that would be very helpful. Does your Lighting also have the Xtreme tower?
  6. I looking to replace my gauges on my '05 Cyclone. Both multifunction gauges have one function that is not working. On the (Tach/Temp/Oil psi gauge, Faria GTC006A) the tach doesn't work and on the (Speed/Volt/Fuel gauge, Faria GSC002A) the volt doesn't work. The Centurion dealer wants around $300 each and I have not had any luck calling Faria. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some replacements? I would also entertain going to another brand so as the size is the same. Not so fixed on a direct replacement as long as I can get the same functions in the two gauges. The problem I'm finding is that my speed is 50mph max (paddle wheel) with the fine tune adjustment and most others are pitot. Any suggestions?
  7. Thanks Enzo101mo!! You ask a great question.....you see, I've never owned a ski boat but a number of fishing boats so it's all really new to me. In my online search for a Bimini, the "type" of tower is referenced many times in a fashion that would indicate tops manufactured for certain towers. So my first task after joining this forum was to research the tower type. Luckily, there was someone who had asked the same question about his boat (same year and model as mine) and included a photo. After several replies to that post, it's either a Pro Flight Swoop or Xtreme. I'm gonna go with the Xtreme only due to the fact that the knobs that hold the tower in the upright position, screw in from the sides (horizontal) and I believe that the Pro Flight are vertically installed. I would certainly pull the trigger quicker on one that was manufactured for my tower in contrast to one where I'm having to get different measurements between the uprights and then up from potential mounting points and be sure to account for speakers and etc. I say all of this because I'm confident that someone here has the same boat and tower and has already solved that puzzle. Thanks for the reply and any help is appreciated!!
  8. Thanks for the reply Troy!! I will certainly do some looking at the evolution tops. Do you know who would have been the OEM Bimini top manufacturer or supplier to Centurion in 2005? On the picture topic.....I actually tried to attach one to the original post but it said it was too large (iPhone photo). So not sure of the work around for that obstacle. Maybe send from a PC??
  9. Hi all!! Recently purchased a used (very little) '05 Cyclone C4. The wifey wants a top to shade her while on the water. I'm looking some advise on where to get one from as the local dealer is no help since the boat is over 10 years old. I do have speakers that hang down and would like for the top to close and store in front of the speakers. The strange thing is that there are already brackets on the rear tower posts and holes for brackets in the forward posts but the original owner says "never had a top". Would really like to use the existing mounting locations. Maybe someone here can help. Also, if I have to abandon what's existing......give me a suggestion of where to start....16" or 26" height (from mounting) location? BTW....I only say Xtreme tower because mine is just like the one from a previous post about tower brand! No markings just a small stick on label at the top "'05 Cyclone".

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