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  1. Removing Side Swipe

    I have a 07 Enzo with Sideswipe and also did the GGB inserts and could not be happier. Took the harshness away and no change in performance. Simple, easy solution and did not cost much.
  2. http://houston.trackerboatingcenter.com/boats/detail.cfm?boatID=4843366 Great deal on a new 2014 SV 230 Plus, Dealer has dropped Centurion and blowing them out!!
  3. Interesting read, i have two friends that have bought new Nautique 200 ski boats in the last year. One has the 343 and the other the H5. The H5 stomps the 343, Night and Day difference in the pull. On Ball of Spray many die hard skiers are complaining that the new 200 with a H5 to strong a pull, that you need to re learn how to ski as the pull is so firm. Also, same friend that bought the 200 / H5 this year also bought a new G23 and it also has an H5 and seems to work great pushing a huge G23 surfing, I think a 343 would barely move that boat. Reminds me when I sold my 4.4 300hp BMW X5 for a smaller lighter MDX with a 3.0 / 300 hp engine and my thought was they don't measure the same way! The BMW was way faster and stronger....Just numbers.....
  4. CopenGlenn, that would be an interesting solution also, however it will cost at least 5x what this solution costs and leaves plates covering up old exits, plus drilling your hull. Sideswipe worked well in providing protection for the rider from C02, but some of us found it loud. Here is a simple solution that makes the boat way quieter, is easy install, no drilling and costs about $200 cdn ($140 usd). I am very happy with my results, and will be happy to continue using the benefits of sideswipe.
  5. Sorry the boat is at my cabin and I am home. I mounted outbound of the Sideswipe controller and the baffles are in the exhaust hose between that and the exits. bolted in place and then slide the 4"exhaust hose over the bolt and clamped. Hope you get the readings, it is a big change!!
  6. WAY WAY quieter!! I was shocked at the result, can not get a before reading and don't have access to a sound meter anyway.
  7. Hi All, Sorry the delay in responding to questions, I agree with DjOM21 and leave the exhaust tips in. I ended up taking the whole exhaust system out and worked it back to the manifold. Well the muffler etc were out, it was easy to do a new impeller and grease rudder and clean up the backside of the engine compartment. The slip in's were easy to install and bit time consuming. If you take one exhaust manifold off then the the system moves in and out with ease. Djom21, look forward to hearing what you think of the new system, I am shocked how much quieter my boat is now.
  8. Enzo sac

    I left mine in, the exhaust may be hot under there and the sideswipe controller is under there also. No issues with Enzo sac fitting with shelf.
  9. New Toys

    Great skis BTW, awesome choice, Love the Vapor front with a Vector rear on the Lithium!!
  10. New Toys

    Me too being outnumbered, But smiling with 3 daughters and amazing partner!! Die hard skier and surfer, just need 2 boats, we have Enzo 240 for surfing and Ski Nautique for the mornings!!
  11. Sorry was at cabin and answering on my phone, thus short answers. Original plan was to drill and mount the muffler to the sideswipe outlet and then it would be close to ends, however the Rubber exhaust hose has a bend near the end and it would not work. Next step was to take the Sideswipe controller out and mount to it. I drilled a hole and put the bolt through, the 4" rubber exhaust hose went over the bolt and the hose clamps tightened over it, No sealing required. If I did it again, I would leave the outlets attached to the boat and uninstall the exhaust system by starting in the middle and with exhaust manifolds as they are easy to remove and re install with 4 bolts. Sorry, I did not take any pics during the install as I was guessing as i did it, however the end result is awesome, my Enzo is quieter then my Ski Nautique now!! I can now have both sides "open" and boat on plane and hear and talk to all in the boat!!
  12. Hi all, I removed one outlet and then removed the entire exhaust system. Great time to install new impellor and lube rudder! Then installed the muffler's outbound of the valves that open the sides of the sideswide. Drilled a hole and bolted the muffler's into the 4" exhaust hose between the outlets and the valves. The 8" x 4" sport model fit perfect.
  13. Hi All, After many years of finding my Sideswipe way too loud, I installed mufflers from www.ggb.ca and WOW my boat is quiet now!! I installed the 4" (3.75")OD x 8" Sport exhaust and they work amazing!! It is big project to install but they work awesome!! And Only $189 (about $140 usd) Canadian for a pair vs the baffles from Sideswipe at $700 USD. My boat seems to have lost nothing except the noise, power is the same!! www.ggb.ca
  14. Perfect Pass issue

    Perfect pass is an awesome company in Customer Service, I would suggest calling them explaining what is happening and they will help you out. If you need a part they ship quick and will ship the right part. Hope this helps!!
  15. Ri237 or fs33?

    Next Door in Alberta, NO tax on used boats or cars sold privately!! If you buy from a dealer then the 5% GST is charged.No land transfer taxes either. Remember we call BC (bing cash), Provinces like states all have different rules.

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