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  1. Winter here in Northern Idaho, starting to look back into swapping out the rear ballast to get ready for the lake. Wake was not quite big enough for me but I think I may have a pump issue also. Need to dive into it to resolve. The platform brackets are installed and worked great and the platform is rock solid, in my opinion a solid upgrade.
  2. I have not switched the ballast yet, last time I went out I don't believe I filled the factory ones entirely. I am assuming you will see water shooting out the side of the boat once filled. Getting back out on the water this weekend. The brackets I replaced are awesome! The swim platform is rock solid and will be on the back for a long time! Loving the boat! The V-drive light doesn't come on as often, it may be working the eternals loose to actually work properly. :-)
  3. I received the new brackets yesterday from Alloy Marine and they are nice. Going to install soon.
  4. Here is a picture of the tabs that sheared. I talked to Alloy Marine today and have new brackets and tabs heading out today. They are aluminum but state they are over 10 times stronger, I will post some pictures when I get them.
  5. Thanks for info! Planning on upgrading the rears for sure. The previous owner gave a couple 600s to go above the factories but would be nicer to buy the ones that fill the whole locker. Will get out today again for a long weekend and hopefully the boys get up on the Scamp that was recommended. Nice little board. On the new brackets for the swim platform are they now stainless? Thanks again, Bob
  6. Thanks, I will check south of me as there are no dealers in Sandpoint. Are they stainless steel or aluminum again? Saw a Pavati on the lake today, nice boat! Crazy how spendy they are. Got my wife to drive today and surfed a bit, fun but need to work on the wave.
  7. Been on Pend Oreille for the last 2 days and was docking up late yesterday and heard a bump, looked back and my swim platform was drifting away from the boat! I guess I was lucky it didn't happen on the lake. I see in the forum that this was an issue as the brackets are aluminum. I can't find the stainless replacements anywhere, does anyone have a link or suggestion on replacement? Also read that raising the platform an inch would help. Thanks and Happy 4th!
  8. Thanks! Ordered the boys one of those boards today! I checked the alternator and no reading at the post, ordered a new one today also. Hoping to have the boat on the lake for the July 4th weekend. I will keep an eye on the V Drive but I will order a new switch most likely soon so the red light is not staring me in the face all day :-)
  9. Looks great! Makes sense and I will add to the list of upgrades. Yesterday we finally had a nice day in Northern Idaho and got the boat out for its maiden voyage. A few issues popped up, battery voltage kept falling thru the day prompting us to leave earlier due to not wanting to be stranded on the lake (didn't even use the stereo with 2 amps), went from 14 down to almost 11 per the gauge. I need to check the alternator and also the wiring for the batteries. I see a switch to the batteries is probably a must add to keep them separate. Second the V-Drive light was always on, once it beeped at me but then it went away, checked the oil prior to going out and it was clean and the proper level. Reading on the forums is that the sensor may be bad, need to check/replace. The ballast tanks seem to work fine and the switchblade really worked and created a big wave. Docking was kind of a pain with it, I will definitely need to get used to it. Backing up you can go either way depending on which way the blade tends to go on its swivel. Looked like a rookie trying to get to the dock but finally got there and got her out of the water in one piece. Got the boys on a tube and they had a blast, water temp is still a bit cool. I know a wake boat pulling a tube... :-) Didn't play around with the perfect pass yet but used it as my speedometer as the speedometer gauge was not working. Next time out the wife will need to learn to drive so i can try the wave! along with the the boys. Any recommendations on kid boards? I see the Liquid Force Gromi might be a good choice and some have straps, thinking no straps for the kids and they can learn without them. Anyway, back on the water for the 4th weekend with all issues resolved I hope.
  10. Not sure what you mean by carbon fiber vents. The previous owner stated he changed out the muffler to the sideswipes to reduce noise because it was too loud. We will see, I may get out on the lake this weekend to start figuring out everything. Been weird weather lately here, rain, hail, thunder, lightning, 90's back to 40-50's, we will see what we get this weekend. Hope it floats! :-) Starter came and have the numbers to put on the hull so i will install and hopefully I am good to go. :-)
  11. Thanks for the tip. I will have to become familiar with what I have and upgrade as I go. I am picking up the reg. numbers today and they look good. Match pretty close to the boat font.
  12. Thanks for the welcome! It has 4 factory ballast tanks and a switchblade system on the back and perfect pass. Anxious to see how well it will work. It also came will 2 individual fat sacks that they placed in the 2 rear wells to add additional weight. Hopefully I am set for weight. I am about 190 but my boys are 7 and 9, they are light enough to enjoy the wave I'm sure. I am new to owning a surf boat, so we will see how it goes. Thanks again.
  13. Just bought a new used 2008 Enzo SV230 a few months back. Drove from Idaho to Montana in the snow to get it. Any suggestions on upgrades? It has most of the bells and whistles, hopefully taking it to the lake next week. Had a few issues, replaced 50 amp breaker at engine, waiting on a new starter, soleniod was bad, replaced stereo and wired remote. Knock on wood that is the last of it. Having boat numbers made now to somewhat match the boat font and should get those Monday.

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