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  1. its has 916 stamped on it. we usually run somewhere around 2800 pounds in the boat and I'm not quite sure the elevation.
  2. i have a 2006 cyclone with the factory prop, was wondering if buying a prop specifically for surfing will help me out and if so which prop should i buy?
  3. 2006 centurion cyclone


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    boat has 370 hours, sea dek flooring, sound system, new trailer tires, bimini top and boat cover. boat is ready to hit the water. message me with any questions and offers.


  4. Want to Buy

    i have a 2006 cyclone c4 forsale with 360 hours and has everything your looking for
  5. mildew smell

    thanks. I will use that!
  6. mildew smell

    anybody have any recomendations on what to use to get rid of mildew smell in the boat lockers
  7. impeller problems

    thats what i plan on doing, seems to be a lot better. i already threw the fake a lake in the trash, thanks for the link, ima go off of that!
  8. impeller problems

    i took it to the launch and backed it down in the water, let it run for about ten minutes or so and temperature got to its normal range and stayed there. my guess was i didn't have the fake a lake hooked up right. thanks for the help!
  9. impeller problems

    i ran it about a week ago with the fake a lake to change the oil and it did fine. went to ruin it again today after i changed the impeller to make sure everything was good, thats when i ran into this problem. am gonna take it back down and make sure everything is right.. i let it run for about minute or so and wasn't getting anything, the foe a lake may be my problem, it didn't seem to be sealed liked your saying
  10. just replaced the impeller on a 06 cyclone and can't get it to suck water. barely any water is coming out of the exhaust, i have more coming out of left side exhaust then the right. i am using a fake a lake and everything seems to be hooked up correct. any ideas on what could be the problem?

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