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  1. I have a 2009 SV 240 with the ZR 409 in it. It has the basic analog instruments but came from the factory with Zero Off on the speed control and the basic Faria Depth, Water and Air Temp gouge. The depth started to go bad and flash erroneous numbers. I thought it was probably the transducer so I got one that was exactly the same (Airmar DST 800 which is for speed, depth and temp). The problem is that it was wired at the factory and I am having a bit of a tough time figuring out how they did that and possibly run wires that may be the issue (or not). If anyone has any thoughts or experience with this set up I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions.
  2. Hey, thanks for the suggestions and just for an update. The multi-meter told the tale....the ground wire on the bundle at the back of the control head (that I could not see) had worked loose and caused the problem. A little solder and it was good to go. Thanks again Centurion Crew
  3. That was my next course of action. I ran out of time today to get the voltmeter out and crawl under there. Thanks for the response. Do you have an MB Quartz head?
  4. I have the original Ampitheater 2 sound system with 3 Kicker amps, Sub, 4 tower and 8 in boat skylon speakers. The master switch will come on (light on in the switch) but I cannot power up the control heads. I have checked all of the fuses that I can find (back of control head and fuses along wiring) and have come up with nothing. Both of the control heads are MB Quartz. Any expertise would be appreciated.
  5. I have a 2009 SV 240 with the 409 and have found the Enzo sacks work really great. Fully agree to get rid of the sprinkler valves and manifold. I wake board and surf. To be honest...most of the really good boarders who ride behind my boat can't believe how nice the wake is without any ballast in at all. I put a little ballast in one side or the other to even out the wakes and that's it.
  6. Tower Speaker Issues

    I have the rca cables hooked up per the diagram but I have not tried pushing the fader switch in yet but I will give that a try
  7. Tower Speaker Issues

    the fade button is out. what is the chance that the amp has one side bad? Thanks for the help
  8. Tower Speaker Issues

    Hey, I just got the new amp in the mail and wired it up. I thought that I was getting the original kicker 350.4 but it is the ZMX350.4. The wiring is a bit different but I do think that I've wired it correctly. I have changed it around a few times and it seems that I can only get output from one of the 2 amps. (4 tower speakers and I can only get one of them to work). Any ideas on this one?
  9. Tower Speaker Issues

    Hey Man, I attached a working speaker to the amp and got no results (I also tried it with the ipod attached) so I am guessing that my issue is with the amp. Did put a voltmeter on the power cable and got good voltage there.
  10. Tower Speaker Issues

    I am pretty sure that they are, but the wiring was done at the boat build time and they are hidden. I've run out of time today so I will get back on it this weekend. I really appraciate your help
  11. Tower Speaker Issues

    The Amps are (3) Kicker 350.4's. The Rubicons are (4) 175's
  12. Tower Speaker Issues

    Hey Guys, I did check the problem out with the ipod and got no sound out of the amp. I did the same thing to the other amp's to make sure that I was doing it correctly and got good sound out of them. the setup under there looks like the one amp powers only the sub and one seems to power the 6 speakers down in the boat (those are the 2 that work with the ipod test as well). Is it a normal setup to have all of the tower speakers (4) on one amp? If so what would you check first in this scenario
  13. Tower Speaker Issues

    Thanks for the ideas guys, I am getting on it now. The amps have the small green light that was mentioned above and all are on.
  14. Tower Speaker Issues

    I mainly checked the wiring from the head to the amps and checked for anything that I could find up under the panel that might be loose. Also checked that the amps were powered and the fuses not blown.
  15. Tower Speaker Issues

    I have the 2009 Ampatheater II soundsystem in my Enzo 240 and all of the tower speakers just quit a few days ago. I am good with mechanical but am fairly lost in the boat stereo world. I've run down all of the things that I could think of. The boat has 3 Kicker amps and the tower speakers are the big rubicons, head is an mb quartz Any help with troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated

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