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  1. The 1631 is the way to go. Smooth as butter and dropped 1000rpm compared to the 1579 with full surf ballast.
  2. Pricing a 2015 s226

    Yeah I know. Kind of mixed feelings on letting it go. We are just too busy with so many other things in life. 2 active young girls that are into golf, cheerleading, gymnastics, etc... Spread pretty thin. We are building a new house, work schedule and so on and so on. The boat is both a blessing and a burden sometimes. We are letting it and the houseboat go. Time to create some breathing room.
  3. 2015 Supreme s226


    • FOR SALE
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    For sale is a one owner Supreme s226 surf/wakeboard boat. Upgraded ballast & surf system. Over 4000lbs of ballast. Boat is like New with only approx 80hrs on it. Comes with many extras... fresh air exhaust, 2 extra props, tube, ropes, phase 5 surf board plus much more. Just don't have enough time to use. Boat was bought May 2016. Dealer maintained. Always trailered and wiped down after each use. My loss is your gain. You will not be disappointed. This is one of the top surf boats on the market. Please email me at sesdgs@yahoo.com or call/text me at nine3one-2six7-seven4four3 Go to the following link for a video showing features of the boat. It really highlights the metal flake and shows some of the boat features... Link: vimeo.com Keywords: Axis, Malibu, Wakesetter, Moomba, Tige, Mastercraft, Centurion, Supra, Nautique, wakeboard, wakesurf, lake, hydrohoist


  4. Pricing a 2015 s226

    Thanks for the info guys. Based on what you said, I'm going to price it to sell. Heck, you west coasters can pay to have it shipped based on the price and still come out good. Here's a link to the only ad I have posted thus far. I'll post it in the classified section here and onlyinboards.com in the next few days. http://www.lsn.com/boats-water-crafts/2015-supreme-s226-surf-boat/5459955.html Thanks again!!!
  5. Guys I'm going to sell my 2015 s226 with 80 hrs on it. It has the 4 wetsounds towers, interiors and sub (not sure what package it was). Has surf tabs, upgraded rear fat sacs (1100 lbs each locker), FAE (never been installed), 2 extra props, 500 lbs wakeballast bags. Still has factory warranty on it. Was purchased around May 2016. Its the purple metal flake ( not for everyone but we love it). Looks new. Small rub on one area of the stainless rub rail is all. I'm in Tennessee so probably not as much resale value as out on the west coast. Question is... how much should I ask for it and expect to get. I know its hard to say without seeing it but you guys know these boats well. Thanks
  6. Called Nettle props and they suggested calling ACME. So I called and spoke with Kevin at ACME for a while today. He was very helpful and suggested the 1631. He said either the 1579 (which I damaged) or the 1631. He said the cup difference would cause the 1631 to act like it had a pitch of 15.25 and thought that would be the sweet spot in reducing rpm's but still having the hole shot. Should act like the 1579 but with slightly reduced rpm's. He guaranteed the prop so if I'm unhappy with it, I can return it and swap for a different one. I'll let you know how it perfoms on my end. Thanks for the info guys.
  7. I was running the 1579 which is the same as the 1631 with the exception of the cup. The 1579 has .105 cup vs the .150 cup of the 1631. The 1579 is fair but still requires 3500-4000 rpm with full ballast/lead (4000lbs). Also takes 4000 rpm to push 28mph empty except 500lbs lead. How much difference will the cup make?
  8. Guys, what's the latest on this topic? I had switched last year to the 1579 to avoid the "burn" and hit a log this weekend and now need to order a new prop while I wait to have the other repaired. I have the first year s226 (no bubble) and no prop burn thus far. ACME's website is showing the 1433 or 1617 for heavily weighted boats. However, both of these have a 14" diameter which is why I switch to the 1579 to begin with since it had a 13.5" diameter. The 1619 is 13.5 x 13.75... how would this one work? What do you guys recommend almost a year later?
  9. If you upgrade your PnP bags, DON'T forget to reinforce the engine divider. I agree with H and Viking
  10. 5. Use a dremel to cut a notch in top of broken screw and back it out with a flat screwdriver.
  11. 1. Move channel (like you said) 2. remove broken screw with channel locks if you can grab it 3. Drill it out and replace with larger screws 4. Just relocate the holes in the channel by drilling new ones
  12. You wasted your money...

    Photoshop? What!!!!
  13. on pricey surf boards. Who needs a board when you can do this... https://vimeo.com/176248673
  14. 2017 S238 ?

    Axis does that windshield also. From axis point of view... It assist in the driver reaching out and grabbing the dock when coming in. Seems functional but ugly. Never liked it on the Axis.

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