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  1. On my '97 Elite there is brown and orange wires running under the starboard back seat (behind driver). These connect to the electric actuator for the engine hatch. Connecting these ends to a battery will either raise or lower the hatch depending which way they are connected. Main engine breaker is a big red button near the top of the motor by the ski pole mount.
  2. That ski wake is smaller than my '97 elite-v's....
  3. Who is watching the ECLISPE ??

    Just viewed through a welding mask in NH, we are at the 50-60% totality line
  4. clear your cache and cookies. I was having same problems, after that and relogging in everything seems to be working
  5. Ditto, I thought something was getting heat soak. Tighten the wires!
  6. I have a very different boat but had similar issue. Turned out that the bolt holding the power cable to starter wasn't tight enough. I would tighten the posts on the batteries and the starter. Mine felt tight, but after snugging everything down I haven't had any starting issues.
  7. How many hours do you have?

    Bought my boat in early '16 with 330 hours, I just rolled over 580. My season is taking a hit because they are draining my river for a month
  8. Waterproofing my cover?

    This is what I use, pray on with garden sprayer. The water beads right off the cover and doesn't soak in, My cover is at least 10 years old
  9. Deckadence Flooring

    Admin PM'ed me 2 months ago saying 2017 deal had been finalized. Have not seen it get posted yet though
  10. On my boat there is a shorter board on each side at the front of the engine compartment (behind seat backs) these need to be removed before the dividers can be removed. After that its just a little twisting and angling it to get it out of the locker, although I usually just lay them flat on the floor, it's a pain to figure out how to get them back in
  11. Filling gas on boats on lift/in water

    $30 craigslist 25 Gallon Fuel Caddy on wheels with a rubber garden hose. Can't imagine doing it any other way. Fill boat shut caddy ball valve detach caddy side of hose coil up hose pushing gas left in hose to boat pull hose out of boat I dont spill a drop.
  12. I have a walter v-drive manual for my 97 elite v I will scan after lunch not sure if your motor is same but this is the engine manual I use download.brunswick-marine.com/filereader/file/pdf/4/enen/mercruiser/.../54124.pdf There were no boat specific manuals back then, just manuals for the engines and drives
  13. I think it will work with any pressure, but I haven't played with a speedo so didn't want to recommend putting water directly into it! I do have one pitot line that drips water on my foot though, so maybe it would be ok?
  14. Ditto, for all my gauges...couple smacks and they usually come back
  15. I would see if you can test the speedo gauge by taking it out and applying air pressure to see if it's reading, if it is the line or pitot must be clogged...

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