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  1. Fi rumors

    ^^^^ WOW, Water Temp of -20. That must be one brave soul to be out in/on the water that day
  2. fisherman vs surfers!

    "Don't put it out with your boots Stan"
  3. Deckadence Flooring

    If you look through some of the DIY stuff on the Deckadence page, they offer a snap/button kit for DIY application. Here is that info: http://marineflooring.net/diy-marine-carpet-recs/ If you look through the DIY videos, I believe they cover the installation of these snap/button kits. I have been thinking real hard of a way to attach this product to my swim platform instead of the SeaDek/GatorStep type of products. I don't think the snaps would work on their own, I have been contemplating snaps combined with a strap system. This stuff does fell really nice under foot. To me it is the ONLY good marine flooring option.
  4. Deckadence Flooring

    I contacted Deckadence a while back and they seem to be encouraging more towards doing this as a DIY project. You can purchase the material in sheets and template and cut to fit yourself for quite a bit less. If you go to this page and select your color, then select size it will give you your cost for the sheet http://marineflooring.net/marine-carpet-shop/ If you then go to the DIY Section, it has videos on how to cut it and seam it http://marineflooring.net/diy-marine-carpet/ Here is another source for the same product, otherwise Jim also has his "Jim's PVC Loop Flooring". This is similar, but not as thick as the Deckadence and is available in limited color selection. http://www.jimsmarineflooring.com/jims_pvc_loop_flooring
  5. Fi rumors

    The only thing I am hoping for is that the Investment Firm that holds Correct Craft does not do to it's brands with what happened with Malibu. Malibu at one time was a great product. I believe the Malibu we see today is alive and profiting from great marketing. They have a great reputation that I believe was created by building a great product at one time. They clearly have been cutting some corners compared to competition - just look at the build quality compared to the Fineline products, yet they sell in the same price point. How long will Malibu hang onto carpet and bolt/screw in seat bases? I hope what is stated continues and the big thumb from Correct Craft allows the businesses to do what is best for each brand while still doing what is best for us as consumers. The new product looks very nice and is well put together. I just hope the tech holds up long term.
  6. Fi rumors

    Not sure why you are coming with the attitude of "As much as you want to believe there is cross integration between Nautique and Fineline.... you should just forget that now.". My main point was how BEAUTIFUL the dash was. My second observation (not a want or desire) is that the screens between this product and the display in some of the Nautiques is similar. I understand your point that they are both to be ran as separate companies, but from a manufacturing standpoint, when purchasing from a 3rd party supplier, it would be silly for Correct Craft to not try and source the same product when possible across all of their brands...Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, BassCat... It is just good business to try and leverage any purchasing power when possible. If Correct Craft was not trying to stream line their product across all lines, then why not be different and source from Indmar for motors in the Supreme...because there is manufacturing buying power and they own PCM/Challenger. Again, now sure why evaluating a business unit and thinking that they may actually be looking for efficiency to either increase profits and/or keep the price down for the end user would be stupid.
  7. Fi rumors

    I wonder if there is beginning to be a bit more component across lines at Correct Craft. That dash display could easily be the same screen as used in the Nautique G Line (Linc Panoray). That pic of the dash is BEAUTIFUL!
  8. I just wish I had abs, no need to brag about the size
  9. Dark, FAE is currently slammed, so their response time has been a bit delayed which you have to expect with a very seasonal business as they can only have so many knowledgeable staff. Did you do a custom welded or the multi piece unit? If it was a single piece welded, I also thought they would ask for measurements. We had some issues with ours and when I believed their were issues, I took some photos and did a write up and sent it in for them to review. This provided them with photos and measurements and also verified that the measurements I had originally sent in were correct. When they got back to me, they had already determined that there was nothing I had done incorrectly and that they would need to repair or re-manufacture it for us. Christina sent a return shipping tag to have it sent back. In our case, for what ever the reason, our down pipe was cut at the wrong length and didn't match up to the cut list for our part. Mistakes happen, just happy that I wasn't waiting to install it the first weekend we were dropping the boat in. Our boat is currently waiting on the part to arrive. Seeing as how we have everything installed, we can't put it in the water due to the open exhaust ports now. I was up front with when we thought we would drop her in the water and assume that FAE will get us parts in time.
  10. It looks like he tried to post pics, but they didn't load. I am seeing place holders with what looks to be a file name, just no actual pic.
  11. Wraps??????

    Where do they stop the wrap at? At the water line, past the water line or do they actually tuck it up under the edge? I have always been curious how this holds up and stays attached to the boat without water getting under it and lifting the material. I understand they use it on vehicles that are in the weather, but not actually pushing water. Anyone have any input on the price range for a full wrap?
  12. I have attached a page out of the instruction manual that mentions the final measurement and how they want it between 1.5-2.5". You may have to adjust your mounting brackets to push it further down, if your tabs will allow and so it doesn't drop below level as noted. I believe these are the general instructions for all boats, but maybe yours was sent with a different set of instructions. Mine was a final distance of 4". To get it to the 2.5" mark, it was over a full bubble off level. Larry and his team have been great - they provided a return shipping label to send the old one back and are manufacturing a new one for us. We are just lucky that we do not intend to drop our boat in the water until at least memorial day weekend and the final install should be quick now. You may need to make some adjustments or send them some pictures and suggestions to get it dropped 1/2" lower.
  13. Surf Rack Options

    I just received a set of racks from Piper. He is very quick to ship and it looks like a well built, well designed product. The pads and the required clamps for your tower are not included. He suggests getting the clamps from diywake.com as this is what he has his hole patterns set up for. I have not installed them yet so I cannot provide any feedback/opinion on that. I am however very excited to get these on our boat.
  14. If you are looking at what I am looking at, you will find that is a Craftsman Air Compressor.
  15. Here is a link to a video on the Roswell Aviator Tower. If you watch the video at about the 30 sec mark, he mentions that they have a flat mount for top deck to give it a more OEM appearance than the 4 post legs. I have been considering removing our old school 4 post (going in front of the windshield tower), patching the fiberglass and installing this to update the look of our boat. It will most likely be more solid as well and easier to fold. It would also provide an option to get a cover with "tower down" configuration allowing you to keep bug goo off your tower (assuming Roswell will rate it to do so with the weight of your REVS)

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