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  1. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    I have not ridden the neo. However, I spoke w the guys at Doomswell and the nub and neo are pretty much the same except for the blunt/pointed nose. My guess is they would ride pretty similar.
  2. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    I have the nub step and original flyboy. In my opinion there is no comparison between the two w the flyboy out performing on both speed and carving. Under my feet (and my crew) the nub is very slow but definitely more stable Han the flyboy.
  3. This is my Z w 7 peeps, about 5k, at 11.
  4. I currently have a Z3. If set up correctly I personally think they put out one of the best surf waves u will find. They love weight and the factory ballast is very lack luster. The 2017 has the Taps 3 and not the new GSA setup for the surf tabs which is one drawback.
  5. Ri series help

    Thanks Troy. Maybe I'm wrong but the differences seem pretty minimal, however, there seems to be a very big difference in price between them. I would love to be able to walk thru each and surf all but probable not going to happen based on dealer inventory.
  6. Been looking at Centurion for awhile and now ready to pull the trigger. I’m pretty set on the Ri series but very confused to the differences between the all the boats.237, 257, 245, 265... Crazy to me to have so many boats under the same series. All I’m really interested in is the surf wave. Any major differences between the four?
  7. New member...few questions

    This is the only one I have right now. It's a 2013 w 57 hours, 409, shower, heater, vx, rev 10s and 8s, decadence flooring.
  8. New member...few questions

    Thanks guys for all of your help. I have pulled the trigger on a 2013 Z3 (to good a deal to pass up). I think Centurion makes an awesome surf boat and had the deal on the Tige not been what it was I would have been in a Centurion.
  9. New member...few questions

    I usually don't pay much attention to Wicked. He fits better on WW IMO. I think I have my search narrowed down to two boats at this point. A 2013 Z3 and a SV244. Right now the Z seems to be the best deal for me. We'll see what happens.
  10. New member...few questions

    Anybody have pics of the wave from the FX 24?
  11. New member...few questions

    I am not saying my Z1 is the greatest surf boat (as mentioned to start I am in the market for a great surf boat) but I think you would be surprised by a properly weight Z1 with my plate. Here is a pic of the wave from my boat and a few pics of the plate.
  12. New member...few questions

    Thanks guys for the comments. I will post up some more info and pics of my plate.
  13. New member...few questions

    I am in TX (boat a Possum Kingdom) and have a 2010 Z1 with 1100 surf sacs and a custom plate that I built a couple of years ago (before Tige came out with their VX:).
  14. New member...few questions

    Interesting. I just assumed the FX24 was the same boat as the 22. Personally I prefer the traditional bow but if it is a better surf boat that's all that really matters. I will definitely check one out.
  15. New member...few questions

    Thanks Nate. Looks great!

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