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  1. It does help, thank you very much. I was missing how far the drop was on the bend. I can't find that plastic clamp/coupling so I'm just going to TIG the 3/4" into the 7/8"... That 7/8 will not go inside the rear of the bimini so that in itself will be the "stop". Thanks again!
  2. Thanks brother.... Is the black piece on the tower side a joiner? from the photo it almost looks like its a 3/4" that inserts into the tower and 7/8' to the Bimini. Ive got a 3/4" tubing but it is way loose on the bimini end which has made me wonder if that black plastic piece is a joiner. I know 7/8" will not slide into tower. Can you confirm if its to separate pieces and sizes and or just one piece and the black plastic piece on the tower end is a stop? Thanks again for the photos and measurements.... Ken
  3. Hey Everyone... I'm looking for assistance from anyone on here who has a Gladiator Tower with a Bimini. Looking for anyone who can take pic's and measurements of the TWO rear support poles that go from the back of the tower to the rear of the Bimini "T" slot's on the cross member. I know there is some type of black plastic piece the is a "stop" on the tower side that keeps the poles from sliding too far inside the tower. Also, on the Bimini end, there is a slight bend a few inches where is slides into the "T" connector on the rear cross member of the bimini. I need an overall length measurement, a measurement for how far the pole slides into the tower and a measurement for the length of the bent end. Thanks in advance for whoever can assist... I've got the new poles in but just trying to figure out these final measurements! Ken
  4. Doc, were you able to get the measurements for the rear poles? I know there was a slight bend on one end of the poles as well. Thanks! Ken
  5. I ended up ordering Aluminum because Sailrite didn't have one of the diameters I needed in Stainless... Hopefully it will work!
  6. Doc, are these poles Aluminum or stainless?
  7. Doc, Thanks for the pic's... Yes, the two in the rear is what I need measurements for and, I am also missing the front starboard pole as you show in the second photo. I would remove those four poles when I stowed the bimini... Unfortunately for me, I was not the last person to stow the bimini. My wonderful bride and here sister's family took the boat out and were the last to use it before I went on the road trip with the boat... Not blaming her, just don't know how the poles were placed inside the cover. When I went to put the bimini up at my destination, there was only the one front "port side" pole left in the cover... I trailer with a full cover on the boat as well, so, if they worked their way out they would have fallen off the cover and onto the road side. Thanks for recommending the one site and to build the rear poles myself... I would agree with you there. I am considering taking the one front pole Ii have to a local machine shop and seeing if they can make that pole for me. Thanks again, Ken
  8. Sent PM but I sent it before I read the last message you sent. I understand you have the Evolution Tower... Thanks for your help!! Ken E.
  9. Thanks, J... Yes, that is correct. They, Centurion, are asking for photos and measurements for the poles in order to have them made... My other option from Centurion was to "reorder" the entire frame and support poles. I'm refusing to go that route as there is nothing wrong with the bimini frame.
  10. I need assistance from anyone who has a Gladiator Tower Bimini. I took a road trip recently and somehow 3 of my 4 bimini support poles worked their way out of the canvas cover and I have lost those poles. I am working with a dealership who is in communication with Centurion the issue is, the need photos of the poles in order to have the pole made. I have the front port pole and I have sent them photos of that pole next to a tape measure. What I need, if anyone here has and would be willing, is photos of the rear poles that go from the top/rear of the gladiator tower the the rear of the bimini. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advnace Ken
  11. Alternator

    Looking for any information on alternator upgrade on a 2010 PCM GM 350 5.7 343HP. I have a 2010 Enzo sv230 and the stock Alternator is a 100amp. I am looking for an aftermarket 200 amp. Any info that you guys have would be awesome...

    Here's a few pic's of my 2010 SV 230 Ken
  13. 4 Blade Prop

    Yes, the 1579's are SOLD OUT... had to go to the world wide web to find one. I ended up forking out $433.00 plus shipping, would have loved to picked it up for the price on the crew deal.
  14. 4 Blade Prop

    Yeah I did not catch that, good lookin out.. Ken
  15. 4 Blade Prop

    H, for the price and having a good back-up prop would the 1464 pull in a close comparison to the 1579? Thanks

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